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Gambling sites are famous worldwide, growing exponentially in the last few years. These platforms offer a near replica of land-based casinos while offering many more benefits. They are typically accessed through a website using a laptop, but mobile casino gaming in Lithuania is steadily growing. Gambling is permitted in the country to anyone 18 years and over. However, online gambling and casino playing is restricted to those 21 and older. There are several registered and approved sites. However, rules and limitations exist that Lithuanian online casino players must pay close attention to. Joining a top online casino in Lithuania is easy but requires several steps.

Worldwide the benefits of web-based Lithuania casino sites remain the same; convenience, extensive gaming options, multiple game variations, quick registration and access, active customer service agents, easy payment options, round-the-clock availability and numerous bonuses and promotions. In some cases, players may even try out games in a demo mode, simply a test-run version of the actual game. In whatever situation, online casinos are a modern creation that is undoubtedly here to stay. In this article, we will explore the history and presence of gambling while providing a comprehensive guide for Lithuanian players new to web-based sites.

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Legality and Regulations of Online Casinos in Lithuania

Before 1992 the Country was a member of the USSR, where casino games were prohibited. After they joined the EU and developed favourable laws, casinos became active. However, the national lottery was the only game open to players for nine years. In 2001 the gaming law was modified and opened access to several other games. Online casino gambling regulations in Lithuania were developed and legalized in 2016. The first approved channel was the Latvijas Loto, but presently, Lithuania has hundreds of national lottery shops, machine halls, and casino houses.

The laws mandate that gambling platforms fall into one of the five approved sections; casinos, machine halls, bingo halls, betting shops, and totalizator. A license is given by the Gaming Control Authority to every registered and authorized land-based casino establishment. The country’s gaming authority must approve and monitor Lithuania online casinos domiciled or operating remotely. Before 2021, web-based operators were required to set up a brick-and-mortar house to get a license. However, since 2021 the Gaming Control Authority has offered online-only casino licenses. Getting the permit is relatively straightforward; companies can access the portal through the Ministry of Finance website. The site operates both in the local Lithuanian language and in English.

Without approval, the Online gambling regulations in Lithuania will prohibit and block these sites from the internet service providers. The prohibition tends to occur for major casinos leaving smaller and newer websites open as a loophole. For Lithuanian online casino players, there are multiple approved platforms listed on the official website of the Ministry of Finance. These restrictions are in place to protect users from scams and fraudulent sites while promoting registered and local websites.

Players who accidentally register on any unauthorized websites will not be prosecuted. As a member of the EU, the Country is also governed and compliant with the EU online gambling laws that allow citizens of member states to gamble on any casino authorized by another affiliated state. Instead, the platform enabling players to sign up and register may be sanctioned, finned, or banned. In addition, players will not get any assistance if an unauthorized site operates fraudulently, causing the loss of funds for the player.

Excluding blood games promoting animal cruelty, residents and visitors get access to various popular online casino games in Lithuania from several approved platforms.

How to Find Reliable Online Casinos in Lithuania

  • Time: 5 minutes
  • Tools: PC or Mobile
  • Supply: Money

Whether users choose a locally operated or remote international casino, check these key points to identify a reliable site. Universally there are minimum standards of expectations for the best online casinos in Lithuania, and a good site should possess above the minimum. These points define platforms that have spent time and effort to operate a free and fair gambling service. Let’s see what they are about.

License and Regulations
Trusted online casino in Lithuania should have proof of registration with one or more authorities locally or internationally. These bodies regulate and ensure that sites operate safe online casinos in Lithuania. Many regulatory agencies also regularly inspect platforms under them, sanctioning and red flagging them where necessary.
Game Variety and Authenticity
Top online casinos in Lithuania should have a large number of games. Even when the site focuses on just one casino type, it must provide multiple variations of their specialization. More events increase players’ winning chances. Top developers reputable for creating fair and transparent game software should also provide the popular casino games in Lithuania sites.
Bonuses and Promotions
A reliable platform should offer multiple casino bonuses in Lithuania for new and existing users. These offers will allow players to play more without spending extra. Promotions should also come with favourable terms and conditions and reasonable limitations. Bonuses must be frequently promoted with a clear list of limits and benefits from the start.
Security and Encryption
Trusted sites have a secure SSL technology that protects users’ sign-up and log-in information. Online platforms require security features to ensure no one else can see the activities an account owner is making.
Payment Options
Multiple withdrawal and depositing channels are a great way to identify top online casinos in Lithuania. Payment methods should also come with third-party processors that block out the platform from accessing players’ financial details. The best online casinos Lithuania will have traditional and international payment options perfect for locals and foreigners.
Customer Support
Any good platform, whether a locally domiciled or an international operator, will have one or more customer service channels. Their support system needs to be organized, professional, and helpful. Users should be able to get a hold of the support team all week long and, if possible, a 24/7 channel availability.
Mobile Version
Although not compulsory, most reliable platforms should have a phone version of their desktop site. Mobile casino gaming in Lithuania maximizes convenience and promotes on-the-go gambling. At a stretch, a mobile app can be expected.
Live Dealer Games
Live Dealer Games
Live Poker
Live Poker
Sic Bo
Sic Bo

There are several games famous among casinos in the country. Online casino regulations in Lithuania place taxes on winning made from playing any of these games on a local or international site.

Lottery and Bingo

Lottery is the oldest casino game in the country and has been operating at a national level since 1992. Several lottery houses and online sites locally and internationally accept Lithuanians. To play, players buy offline and online lotto tickets and wait for the draw. Bingo halls have been available offline in Lithuania since 2001 and online since 2016. Although a legal casino game, players do not often play it because the law mandates that bingo halls be a standalone service and not merged with other games.


This table game is not popular within Lithuanian establishments, but it can be found in many of the accessible international casinos. Players compete against the banker to see who can reach a total card value of 21 without going over. Whoever gets the closest to this number wins.


Roulette is mostly popular on foreign casino platforms rather than in Lithuania. The game consists of a table wheel with various numbers and colors. Players can bet on what number, group of numbers, odds or evens, and color on which the ball will land. If the guess is correct, they win a percentage of the bet based on its difficulty.


Slots are a game of chance that sees the player placing bets to get a matching streak of symbols. In Lithuania, they are found within casino halls and are a significant attraction for gamblers. Over 100 slot locations are available; only 17 are full casino houses. The rest are primarily in pubs and restaurants with a few machines each. Slot games are not heavily regulated or controlled. Several online slot machines are accessible from national and international sites.


Poker games are found in casino houses but not in standalone halls. In Lithuania, poker is recorded as a game of chance and part of other casino games. There isn’t much traction for the event in the country; only small tournaments and the biggest casinos tend to have a few tables in their halls. However, online events are readily available with more attention from Lithuanian players.

Tax Expectations on Casino Games

Taxes are charged to all players, residents, citizens, and visiting the country when the game is played and won.

Casino Event Tax Tax Base
💶 Lottery 5% The value of the potential lottery win
🪙 Bingo 18% The amount spent to purchase the bingo game is subtracted from the amount paid to players after winning
💰 Online gambling 13% The amount spent playing is subtracted from the winning amount received.

Making Deposits and Withdrawals

The ability to deposit and withdraw is a crucial part of online gambling. Occasionally, there might be a lag in receiving funds after withdrawal and deposits. Contact the casino’s customer service department if the money is delayed longer than 24 hours post-expected. Players may also need to reach out to their financial provider just in case the delay is from their end. Lithuanian casinos offer various payment options, which make transactions easy. Some popular methods are; Visa card, Mastercard, Maestro, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Trustly, and cryptocurrencies.


There are several ways to make deposits while playing at the best online casino in Lithuania. The easiest route would be to:

  • Log in to your account using the details you inserted during sign-up.
  • From your home page, navigate toward your account. There should be a deposit button near your details. Click on it.
  • Select one of the many payment options on the site. If available, you may also make a bank deposit to your sports betting account. Get your wallet details and head to your financial institution to fund it.
  • Fill in all the required data depending on your method of Online payment. You may need to complete a Know Your Client form. Note that once you fill out the details for a payment method, it is saved, and you won’t need to complete this step in subsequent deposits.
  • Once all the information is filled in, process the funds by clicking the ‘Proceed’ or ‘Submit’ button at the bottom of the webpage.
  • Depending on your funding method, users might be redirected to a third-party agency in charge of payment processing. The financial service providers will need players to authenticate using a one-time password or token number.
  • Once users complete the authentication process, they simply need to wait for their funds to reflect in their bank account.


Making a withdrawal after winning a bet can be tense and exciting at the same time. The quickest way to process your funds is to:

  • Sign in to your account
  • From your home page, navigate to your dashboard. Find the wallet or cashier option. Click on withdraw funds.
  • Choose a withdrawal method from the list presented
  • Provide all of the information as required by the withdrawal method of choice. This is a first-try-only occurrence; your details will be saved.
  • Click on Proceed or submit once you have filled in all the required information
  • It is optional for withdrawal, but the third-party service might ask you for authentication.
  • Wait for the money to reflect

Bonuses and Promotions

The best online casinos in Lithuania offer several bonuses and promotions to attract and retain players. All offers come with terms and conditions like wagering requirement, maximum win, game limit, time limit, and even occasion limit. These offers are perfect for helping users gamble on a budget or for new gamblers looking to play casino games without spending so much money. The most notable offers players can find are;

Welcome Bonuses

The best Lithuanian online casinos offer welcome bonuses in one giant package. The bonus here is usually the biggest any player will get and can comprise from a fixed amount to a deposit match up to 100%. Players may also get an offer for playing a specific game or depositing using a particular payment method.

Free Spins

Other casino bonuses in Lithuania usually accompany this offer. However, sometimes there are standalone free spins. They work with slot games, and only casinos that offer online slots can give this bonus. Most free spins come with an expiration date and, in rare cases, slot game restriction.

Deposit Match

Deposit match bonuses are often part of a package with other features. This offer is popular among welcome packages, but several reoccurring promotions feature it. Players can get anywhere from 30 to 100% deposit match. These kinds of promo always have a maximum cap limit. Casino offers usually read 100% deposit match up to €2000. This means users who deposit above €1000 will only get €2000.

Rebates and Cashbacks

These are returns on portions of bets the casino offers back. With rebates, it is simply the return of a small amount of all bets, wheater it wins or loses. Cashbacks, on the other hand, give back a percentage of the stake amount when a player losses a game. Most rebates and cashbacks offered are given at the end of the week or after a special occasion or season.

Gaming, Payment, or Crypto Bonus

Several casinos offer bonuses and promotions for users who play a specific game or pay using a particular payment method. Popular casinos accepting crypto payments will offer a bonus when users pay using cryptocurrency. These bonuses attract players to the game or the system. Casinos offering Neosurf also give a bonus for making deposits using the funding channel.

Responsible Gambling Practices

For many people, casinos can become addictive and lead to unhealthy situations. Users must take caution from the start and only practice healthy gambling. There are many responsible practices to explore. Let’s see them.

Create a Spending Budget

The easiest way to gamble responsibly is to set up a gambling fund. Only top this account after covering every other basic need. Ensure that, no matter what, you use only the amount available in that account.

Set a Time Limit

Setting a gambling time is an excellent practice. The timeline can be during stipulated hours or for a defined amount each day. It can also be once or twice a week, bi-weekly or monthly. Make sure there is no access to online sites outside of these times.

Register for Gambling Control Software and Services

In the EU, several software limits how many times anyone can bet a day or how much a person can bet in a given period. Some software can exclude accounts from gambling sites for a stipulated time when users need to cool off. Call center services and meetings are for those struggling with gambling addiction. Where necessary, players may get an accountability partner that monitors how well they stay away or control their casino habits.

Bet Without Emotion

A great tactic is to remember to bet without getting emotional. Emotions cloud reason when gambling, so stop and take a break if a player feels agitated, angry, sad, or overly excited. Most of the time, playing a casino game with emotions will lead to significant losses.

Eradicate Betting Myths

Make an effort to stop practising all forms of gambling tricks and tips. There is no best time or day and no authentic strategy. Casino games in Lithuania and worldwide are simply luck based.


The small European state of Lithuania, home to roughly three million people, is working hard to make casinos a popular attraction. However, the country’s size and the limited tourist attractions place them at a disadvantage for big international gaming providers offline and online to invest. The country, primarily the capital city, has several platforms, gambling houses, and sites. Although their gambling laws limit access to unlicensed international sites, players can still access them using VPN. So far, Lithuania hasn’t prosecuted any citizen who gambles at unapproved casinos, so players can rest easy and enjoy their casino experience.

Players can access all site games from their desktop and mobile and quickly pay through any approved payment method. Since Lithuania is an EU state, users can access European-based assistance and service when managing and controlling addiction. Many bonuses and promotions are up for grabs on web-based casinos, and players need to meet the criteria to receive them. Always note the terms and conditions to ensure they are favourable and possible.


  • Yes, it is. As of 2016, casinos are accessible to Lithuanians 21 years and above. However, only a limited amount of regulated sites are open to players.
  • 💥 What Is The Penalty For Gambling In Lithuania?

    There is no fine for users who choose to gamble in the country. Since they are an EU member, gambling is legal. Players are, however, advised only to choose approved sites covered by the Gaming Control Authority.
  • 💥 Which Online Casino Is The Best In Lithuania?

    Bet Online Casino Bookmaker & Poker is among the best online casinos Lithuania. The platform offers top-rated bonuses and promotions, multiple games, and is internationally licensed and regulated.
  • 💥 What Is The Highest-Paying Online Casino?

    All of the available sites have a hefty maximum win amount. The websites and games offer multiple winning prices and options.
  • 💥 What Is The Safest Online Casino In Lithuania?

    The Ministry of Finance listed all web platforms are safe online casinos in Lithuania. One of which includes the Miami Club Digital.
  • 💥 How Can I Gamble Responsibly?

    There are several ways to play safely, including defining a budget, setting a time limit, seeking services and software that help manage addiction, playing without emotions, and relying only on luck rather than strategy.
  • Four licensed gambling websites are open to players (Miami Club Digital Casino, Bet Online Casino Bookmaker & Poker, Fair Go Aussie-Themed, and Free Bitcoin Giveaway). However, it’s also possible to play on websites hosting recognized international licenses.

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