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Existing since 1530, bingo is one of the longest-reigning casino games with low risks and decent wins. Before the advent of bingo casinos online, this game was popularly played in community centers, with durable coated papers and a “bingo caller.” These coated papers, also known as bingo cards, housed a series of numbers that players marked to form a shape.

Since the debut of online bingo in 1996, virtual bingo rooms and cards have gradually replaced bingo community centers. Now, online bingo real money is offered in thousands of gambling sites worldwide, with its mode of play governed by random number generators (RNG). Fortunately, the community and social aspects of the game are still alive, with chat rooms available in live bingo casinos. In this article, our experts at Gamble Buzz detail everything you should know about bingo, from its variants to strategies you can apply to increase your winning chances.


Getting Started With Online Bingo

With its simple gameplay of marking numbers, anybody can play online bingo for real money. It’s played with a card that comes in different numbers of rows and columns, depending on the variant. For instance, a 75-ball bingo has five columns and five rows on a card, an 80-ball bingo card has four rows and four columns, and a 90-ball bingo car has three rows and nine columns.

For each variant, bingo has a caller or an automated voice that announces numbers you should mark on your card. Your aim is to mark the numbers to form one of three main shapes. These shapes include “One Line,” “Two Lines,” and a “Full House.” A One-Line shape means you’re marking off all numbers in a horizontal line on the card. Two lines mean two horizontal lines. A full house means you’ve marked all the numbers on the card.

While these three shapes are predominant when you play bingo for real money, there are other variants that demand specific shapes. These start from lines, where you can mark off numbers vertically and diagonally to specific patterns of T, X, or any other letter of the alphabet. Also, you can be tasked to form a diamond, four-corner, pyramid, or sock (as seen in Christmas bingo cards).

Most bingo variations are named after the number of balls present on the cards. In the list below, we highlight the various types of online bingo gambling available.

  • 75-ball bingo: This is the most popular bingo variant worldwide. It’s a 5×5 grid with 24 numbers of 1 – 75 and a blank tile in the middle of the grid.
  • 80-ball bingo: The second-most popular version with a 4×4 grid. There are 16 tiles colored according to columns, housing numbers 1 – 80.
  • 90-ball bingo: Just as popular as 75-ball, the 90-ball bingo comes with nine columns and three grids. There are 15 numbered tiles and 12 blank ones, with numbers from 1 – 90.
  • 30-ball bingo: Also known as “Speed bingo,” it’s a short-time game with a 3×3 grid. There are nine tiles housing numbers 1 – 30.
  • 52-ball bingo: This is slightly different from the rest, as you’d be matching cards rather than numbers. The “52” here represents the number of cards in a standard deck. Your announcer draws a card, and if it matches the one you’ve got, you place a chip on your card. The first player to place a chip on all five cards wins.

How To Play Bingo For Real Money

  • Time: 5 minutes
  • Tools: PC or Mobile
  • Supply: Money

The steps involved in gambling bingo for money begin with purchasing a card at your chosen online casino. A card is also known as a ticket, and it buys you access to one of the bingo rooms. Although you’d be playing online bingo games, the process of playing is similar to playing in a traditional setting. Our experts at Gamble.Buzz highlight and detail these steps in the following headings.

Buy One or Multiple Bingo Cards
You can play a bingo game with one or multiple cards, depending on the casino rules. When you buy this card, it becomes your ticket into one of the bingo rooms where you can chat and socialize with other players. To buy a card, make a deposit to your casino wallet and launch your bingo game of choice. Buy a card or multiple, and wait for the caller to announce the beginning of the game.
Select How You Want To Mark Your Numbers
When in a room at the bingo online casino, you can choose to mark your numbers manually or automatically. By default, marking is automated, and you’ll have to go to the casino’s settings page to change to manual. If you want to mark manually, you’d need to pay keen attention to the numbers called. Missing a number could cost you a pattern and your wins. In cases like that, it’s best to have multiple tickets.
Mark The Numbers
At the beginning of this bingo game, the rules on what lines or specific patterns to form will be communicated. The best online bingo casinos have automated markers that tick off the numbers as they’re called. If you’re lucky enough to get any of the stated patterns, you get to rake in wins. Otherwise, you can continue the bingo with other cards if the casino allows multiple tickets.

It’s best to find casinos that allow multiple cards as they increase your winning chances. Also, when you play bingo online for money, do so when rush hours are over to avoid steep competition. Although you’d be playing from your home’s convenience, avoid distractions at all costs when playing. Other tips you should have at the bank of your mind include following the casino’s stated guidelines and engaging in chat rooms for the best immersive experience. With these, you can play any bingo version, down to the seemingly tasking 52-ball variant.

Strategies To Increase Your Winning Odds

Aside from using multiple cards when you play bingo online for real money, there are other tips you should know for better winning chances. These tips and strategies are detailed in the following headings.

Manage Your Bankroll

Your utmost concern when playing bingo games that payout real money is knowing how much to spend on them. Like slots, table games, and several other casino games, Bingo is a game of luck. This means you want to use your disposable income only on buying cards and participating in a bingo variant.

As our experts at Gamble Buzz have discovered, it’s wise to use only 1 – 5% of your bankroll on these games. For instance, if you have a bankroll of $150, the maximum bet you should have on any of the game variations is $7.50. Even with that small percentage, you can get up to 10 cards at $0.75.

Select Your Games Wisely

The most popular versions of bingo are the 75-ball and 90-ball. This is because both versions typically come with more than two achievable shapes. However, they take more time to play. The 80-ball version usually comes with a full-house rule, taking an even longer time and more risks.

Other bingo versions, including the 52-ball and 30-ball, are short-time games with limited combinations. So, depending on the time you want to spend and the combinations you prefer, pick your bingo game smartly.

Select Cards With A Wide Range Of Numbers

When buying tickets, avoid cards with consecutive numbers on rows or columns. The likeliness of a caller announcing consecutive numbers like 53, 54, and 55 in a single game is low. The larger the gap, the better your chances of marking off numbers that form winning patterns.

Use The Granville Strategy

As discovered by our professionals at Gamble.Buzz, the Granville strategy was developed by Joseph E. Granville, an investor and financial writer. Using statistical analysis, he came up with a strategy that involved picking cards with even proportions of numbers.

This means you should favor cards with equal distribution of odd numbers, even numbers, low numbers, and high numbers. He also recommended picking cards that ended in the numbers 1 – 9. Basically, be smart when picking a card with an even composition of numbers.

The Tippett Strategy

Tippett’s strategy is based on the duration of a bingo game. He proposed that for long games, where there are many people competing, pick cards with numbers close to 1 and 75. However, for shorter games, where you have only a few people competing, pick cards with numbers close to 38. This strategy needs practice, and our professionals at Gamble Buzz recommend that you try it out in demo games first.

Engage In Chat Rooms

These chat rooms give you a social experience similar to traditional settings. Before joining the chat rooms, ensure you read the casino’s guidelines on what’s allowed and not. In these rooms, you get to see information on tournaments, jackpots, and extra prizes to win in playing Bingo. In the best bingo online casinos like CasinoDays and Bizzo Casino, you’ll see tips in the rooms to help guide a beginner.

Exploring Online Bingo Variation

The best online bingo games in terms of popularity are the 75-ball, 80-ball, and 90-ball versions. However, to some other players, Slingo, 30-ball, and 52-ball are better with the speed and unique combinations they give. In the table below, we explain each variant, their rules, and the advantages of playing them.

Bingo Game Rules & How it Works Pros Cons
75-ball A 75-ball bingo game has five rows and columns, with the word BINGO spelled across the five columns. Each letter represents a column and the numbers under it.

So, when the announcer wants to call out numbers, they do so with the letters, e.g., B-15! There are 24 numbered tiles and a blank one. These numbers range from 1 – 75, and you can form lines and specific patterns, as stated before the game commencement.

Multiple shapes can be formed.

Accommodates low and high bets.

Offered in virtually all bingo casinos online.

Easy to learn

Can be time-consuming.
80-ball With a 4×4 grid, all tiles on an 80-ball card are numbered. As expected, these numbers range from 1 – 80.

What makes this version stand out is that only the full-house combination is to be won. Also, each column holds a different color.

Accommodates low and high bets.

Easy to learn.

 Only the full-house combination is valid


90-ball The 90-ball bingo game has 27 tiles in a 9×3 grid. On each row, there are five numbered tiles and four blank ones.

Different combinations are expected from this card, from lines to a full house.

Popular in the UK.

Multiple combinations to be formed.

Easy to learn and understand.

Can take time
Speed Bingo This version can only be won with a full house, and it comes with a 3×3 grid. It’s also known as the “30-ball” for its short time of play. Fast playtime.

Easy to understand.

Only one combination is valid.
52-ball This version ties with cards in a standard deck. Instead of calling random numbers, the announcer draws cards from the deck.

On your card, you’re expected to place a chip on the number that matches the drawn card. If you’re the first person to get to five chips, you win.

Fast playtime.

Unique set of rules.

Accommodates high and low bets.

Uses cards instead of random numbers.

Only one outcome is possible.

It’s of higher risk.

Slingo This game combines bingo and slots. When you get a bingo card with Slingo, you get a set of five numbers.

If you spin the reel and the appearing numbers match what’s on your ticket, the numbers get marked off.

Comes with unique gameplay.

Interesting and with easy rules.

Fast playtime.

 Only one outcome is possible.
Keno Keno is another modern version of Bingo. You get a keno card and select a set of numbers that can be up to 20.

A keno machine will display results where you can check for the numbers that match. How much money you win depends on the number of matches you make.

Simple to play.

Fast playtime

Comes with higher risks.

Socializing and Engaging In Online Bingo Communities

The bingo experience is incomplete without a sense of community. For centuries, bingo has been played in community centers, giving players an avenue to socialize and network with each other. The thrill and excitement of someone yelling “Bingo!” when they hit a combination is unique to this game and has been a tradition for years. Sometimes, after the bingo game in community centers, there’d be a local band singer who helps everyone unwind.

As the internet developed to accommodate online casino games, it seemed bingo was going to lose its community culture. This led to the creation of chat rooms at online casinos as a means to continue the tradition. The best bingo casinos online have these chat rooms, along with a set of guidelines to govern what’s allowed on the platform. You’ll get to choose your nickname, and all you have to do is compose a text and hit send.

These chat rooms have moderators to ensure everyone remains friendly and complies with the rules. Some casinos incentivize the chat rooms, giving you free credit and other bonuses for engaging. The best part is that you can chat about anything you want, from Bingo to what you had last night for dinner. The people you’ll encounter in a typical bingo chat room are the host/moderator, caller, players, and spectators.

Some of the rules and etiquette of a chat room include the following.

  • Be polite when talking on the online bingo platforms and remain respectful to the players, callers, and moderators.
  • Read the rules and guidelines pertaining to the chat room before entering.
  • Welcome new participants.
  • Celebrate other people’s wins as you’d celebrate yours.

In addition, casinos like El Royale and Casino Days have bingo communities themed after special events. For example, you can participate in the Deal or No Deal bingo and Bingo bowl communities, where you get to enjoy the bingo game with a twist. You can join more than one bingo room/community at a time. Sometimes, these rooms get full and cannot accommodate more players, so you should try to get chat rooms with vacancies.

Aside from the free credits you could win in bingo rooms, you could participate in special bingo jackpots. These jackpots are progressive, where participants of a chat room contribute to the pool prize via their bets. A lucky winner in the room goes home with the jackpot at the end of a stipulated time. Also, you want to check the rules of such jackpots before participating.

Bingo Bonuses, Promotions, and Loyalty Programs

At Gamble.Buzz, our experts highly recommend playing with bingo casinos that offer welcome bonuses and promos. These give you a head start and make you feel like a priority in the online casino. Also, you must understand the conditions attached to these bonuses to know if they’re favorable. You want to avoid bingo bonuses with wagering requirements greater than 35x and a validity period shorter than 7 days. In the table below, we detail the types of bonuses you’ll come across playing the best online bingo for real money.

Bingo Bonus Details Terms and conditions
No-deposit bonuses Casinos give this bonus to players just for creating and verifying their accounts. They come in small bonus funds to spend on real money or free online bingo games, and sometimes, they include free spins. This bonus typically has a wagering requirement, a validity period, and a required minimum deposit.
Welcome deposit bonuses These are the most common types of bonuses at the best online bingo sites. It’s an offer that usually comes in packages, sometimes up to ten consecutive deposits.

These packages are mostly bonus funds, but you can get free spins too.

These bonuses come with a wagering requirement, a validity period, a minimum required deposit, and specific games you can spend the bonus fund.
Cashback Offers An online bingo casino can offer you 10% – 50% cashback on losses incurred on popular online bingo games. A cashback reward could be daily or weekly, and the returnable percentage can increase if you’re in the casino’s VIP program. Cashback offers have a wagering requirement of 1x. Bonus validity is usually within 7 days.
Free Spins Free spins are bonuses granted on free bingo games like Slingo. This gives you a chance to spin the reels without spending your money. Whatever wins you make from the free spins also become yours to withdraw. Wagering requirements apply to free spins. This means you must wager the winnings you get from the free spins a number of times to withdraw them.
Reload Bonus This bonus is given as a lesser version of your welcome deposit bonus. It’s offered with smaller percentages and does not include free spins. Wagering requirements, a validity period, a minimum required deposit, and contributing games.
VIP Program Bingo сasinos online offer a VIP program you can be part of when you make frequent deposits or gather comp points.

In some online bingo gambling sites, the VIP club is invite-only, while you get to see your rank as you make deposits and gather points in others.

When part of this VIP program, you get better perks such as a higher cashback percentage, exclusive tournament access, better deposit bonuses, and an assigned account manager.

Terms and conditions differ by the casino.

Bingo on Mobile Devices: Play Anytime and Anywhere

Gamble.Buzz acknowledges the need for players to access their favorite games from their mobile devices conveniently. Fortunately, casinos like Ricky Casino, El Royale Casino, and 22Bet have their real money bingo games optimized for mobile. Their online bingo websites and games are built with HTML5, which means you can access them from a mobile device with an updated browser. These include your smartphones, tablets, and even smartwatches, and on operating systems like Android, iOS, and Windows.

With these mobile-optimized casinos, you always get to catch a feature for playing bingo online from your mobile phone. This means you’d get all the bonuses, games, and services on your smartphone like you would on your laptop/desktop. You’d be able to access your favorite bingo games outside your home and on the move.

Casinos like Rocket Casino, Hell Spin, and Ivibet have mobile applications that make gambling bingo even easier. With a mobile app, you do not lose any progress you’ve accumulated playing a bingo game. This means you can switch between apps, take a break, and run other tasks while playing. With these mobile apps, you can keep track of your favorite/most-played variations, track your transaction history, and contact customer care with a touch.

Whether you’re using a mobile app or web browser, you can optimize your mobile gaming experience in the following ways.

  • Put your phone on DND: Do-not-disturb (DND) is a setting that keeps notifications off from distracting you. It’s found in all phone settings, including Android, iPhone, and Windows. With DND on, you can focus on your bingo game and be sure never to miss a number from the caller. Also, you can modify the DND setting to allow specific notifications, like a phone call.
  • Use Game Mode: This applies to casino mobile apps offering bingo games. The game mode is available on Android and iOS, and it helps modify your phone settings for a better gaming experience. For instance, your bingo game is played in full-screen mode with better screen resolution and audio.
  • Use headphones: Headphones, earbuds, and earpieces are great when gaming. As bingo deals with calling numbers and marking them, headphones ensure you don’t miss them. It also gives you an immersive experience with the delightful sound effects that accompany the game.

Responsible Gambling: Playing Bingo Safely and Mindfully

Bingo has been played for centuries with the same vigor as its early days. It’s an interesting game with lots of thrill and excitement that could have you playing for hours. When you play online bingo for real money, you stand a risk of addiction, just like any other casino game. Bingo especially has lower risks and accommodates low wagers that could promote irresponsible gambling.

When you start noticing symptoms of irresponsible gambling, such as reckless spending and spending productive hours on a bingo game, it might be time to take some of these steps.

  • Set a time limit: You can set a time limit by yourself or use the casino’s responsible gambling tools for this. This will help you minimize the number of productive hours you put into gaming. If you’re using the help of the casino, you’ll be automatically logged out once your set time is up.
  • Set a budget limit: If you notice you spend more money than intended, you want to set yourself a budget limit. You can do this by yourself or with the help of the casino. The responsible gambling tools incorporated into the gambling site will help you not exceed your set amounts at any time.
  • Use self-exclusion: You could take a break totally from gambling using a self-exclusion tool. Casinos like 7Bit, Rocket, and El Royale have this tool to keep you banned from accessing their sites for a set number of months. You’ll remain blocked from the site as long as your IP address doesn’t change.

If you’re already addicted to bingo gambling and none of the above steps work, Gamble.Buzz advises it best to seek professional help. Fortunately, the casinos mentioned so far in this review work with non-profit gambling help organizations. Some of these include BeGambleAware, GamblingHelpOnline, Gamcare, the Kindred Group, and Gamban.


Online bingo remains one of the easiest and most interesting games to play in your favorite casinos. Playing online bingo for money requires no special knowledge, and anybody at all can learn its rules and start playing within five minutes. Currently, the most popular bingo games that payout real money are 75-ball, 80-ball, and 90-ball. But if you want the versions with fewer combinations and fast playtime, you can opt for the 30-ball and 52-ball. All of these bingo versions accommodate low and high wagers so that anybody can play.

Try out the strategies detailed and use the given tips to maximize your chances of winning. Using the bonuses offered by casinos will also increase your winning chances. Lastly, engage in bingo games responsibly and participate in chat rooms for the most immersive experience possible.


  • 💥 Can I Play Bingo Online For Real Money?

    Yes, you can play bingo online for real money in thousands of casinos. Some of our top recommended casinos to play bingo games are iWild Casino, Las Atlantis, Bizzo Casino, and El Royale Casino.
  • 💥 Which Online Bingo Site Is Best?

    This depends on your preference in what the best online bingo site offers, from bonuses to game varieties. However, we recommend going for sites that are fully licensed and positively reviewed, such as RedDog, Nomini Casino, and King Billy.
  • 💥 Can You Win Real Money On Bingo Sites?

    Yes, you can win money on bingo sites if you opt to play for real money instead of the demo version. There’s real money to be won across these variants, including 75-ball, 80-ball, 90-ball, 30-ball, 52-ball, and Slingo.
  • 💥 How Do I Withdraw Money From Bingo?

    The wins you get from bingo are credited to your casino wallet. From there, you can navigate to the cashier page and use any of the withdrawal options to cash out your wins.
  • 💥 Are There Any Legit Bingo Apps?

    Yes, you’ll find a number of bingo apps secured and licensed by reputable online gambling authorities, such as Curaçao. Examples of legit bingo apps are the 22bet app, Las Atlantis app, and Rocket Casino app.
  • 💥 Where Can I Play Online Bingo Games?

    You can play bingo in your favorite online casinos. They should have a collection of bingo games in their portfolio that’s audited by a body like eCOGRA. Some of the casinos we recommend are CasinoDays Casino, Casino Classic, and 7bit Casino.
  • 💥 Are Online Bingo Sites Safe?

    While most sites are safe, you should still be wary of scams. The way to be sure if a bingo site is safe is to check if it’s licensed and secured by an SSL encryption technology, at least. Also, check to see if their games are audited.
  • 💥 How Do I Start Online Bingo?

    The first step to playing online bingo is to find a casino that offers the game. Next, you sign up, verify your account, and make a deposit to your casino wallet. Then, navigate to the games lobby, launch a bingo game, and buy the bingo card to begin.
  • 💥 How Does Online Bingo Work?

    Online bingo works using virtual cards and callers. As the virtual caller calls a number, an automated marker marks off the number on your virtual card. If you form a shape during or at the end of the calling session, you win.
  • 💥 How Long Do Bingo Cash Withdrawals Take?

    This depends on the withdrawal method you use. For instance, bank cards take up to five days for withdrawals, while e-wallets take 24 – 48 hours. Bank transfers take up to 7 days, while cryptocurrencies process payment within a couple of hours.

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