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Apple Pay service is an online payment launched in 2014 after several years of design and trial. The idea behind the payment service lunch is to replace the traditional bank transfer with a one-time digital token when making Apple Pay payments online. The company’s objective was to enable users to make payments for goods and services comfortably with their mobile devices.

When it comes to making online betting payments,  Apple Pay Casino payment remains the best as it now stands as one of the leading payment services in the world, offering a fast and secure payment service to customers who want to pay online with their mobile devices. It also offers an e-wallet where users can securely store their funds digitally; the stored fund can be used in making payments on the best online casinos that accept Apple Pay as a payment method. This article will focus on top gambling sites, the advantages and disadvantages of using payment services in gambling sites, and much more.

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What Are Apple Pay Casinos?

Just like any other betting site, Apple Pay casinos are those casinos that primarily accept Apple Pay as a payment method. The payment service is one of the most trusted and secure providers, and several casinos have adopted it as a major payment option. Since the payment service is already set up on your phone and can easily be used to make payments on mobile gambling sites, you can get the transaction done with just a swipe of your finger.

With the cashless trend taking over the financial sectors now, the payment service can easily be the way to go, as with them, you don’t need to deposit physical cash before you can play your bet. The only downside of using the payment service is that there are not several top online casino that accepts Apple Pay deposits directly, so players will have to go through third-party payment.

How Apple Pay Casinos Work

The betting sites work the same way as other gambling platforms, offering their players several games to choose from. The payment service works exactly or similarly to Google pay or any other e-wallet. It allows you to make deposits into your online casino account and use your Apple Pay to play at your favourite online casino sites, and you must first link your Apple Pay account with your credit or debit card. The best casinos that accept Apple Pay deposits accept Visa cards, master cards, and Express cards. After linking your debit or credit card, login into any Apple Pay casino site where you want to deposit and create an account.

The payment service provider acts as a middleman between your local bank and betting account and helps initiate Apple Pay transactions on your behalf. The betting sites offer players a chance to play their desired casino games with funds deposited through Apple Pay.

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Among UK casino players, gambling sites are very popular since they offer a very convenient way of making deposits on the online betting platform. According to statistics, 3 out of 5 casino players play with Apple Pay casinos, making the payment one of the most used third-party payments in the United Kingdom. Those betting sites’ popularity keeps increasing as more casino players discover the benefits of using the payment service.

If you want to bet online, the payment methods are the most used features at Online Casinos in the UK. The payment Apple Pay services are very safe, secure, and convenient, and their services are without glitches. Although not so many online bets use the payment service, Apple Pay casinos have been drawing interest from casino players who now switch from their previous casinos.

Best Apple Pay Casino Games

The truth is that there are no practically proven best casino games one can point out. The best game always comes when a player has truly mastered their craft; it Always requires enough practice to get it right. However, we can focus our criteria for the best Apple Pay casino game on how often players play the game. Our best Apple Pay casinos online games include slots that comprise all variations like 3D or Progressives. Table Games include Blackjack, baccarat, and how poker; and Video poker, which includes machine poker, which is similar to slots.

Apple Pay Roulette   

You can make payments for a Roulette game with the payment service. Roulette is a gambling game in which bettors bet on which red or black numbered compartment of a cycling wheel. Usually, a small ball will come to rest within. In Apple Pay casino games, Roulette has the most variation. Other games either don’t have variations or they have fewer variations than Roulette. Roulette variation includes; American Roulette, European Roulette, French Roulette, Live Dealer Roulette (online only), 3D Roulette, Multi-Ball Roulette, and Multi-Wheel Roulette.

Apple Pay Video Poker      

You can make payment for your video poker game using your Apple Pay at any real money online casinos that accept Apple Pay as a payment method. Video poker is a casino game based on five-card draw poker, and the game is played on a computerized console that is very similar to a slot machine. We have the following types of Apple Pay video poker: Bonus Deuces Wild, Bonus Poker, Deuces Wild, Bonus Poker Deluxe, Double jackpot poker, jacks, or Better.

Apple Pay Blackjack

Blackjack, also known as Twenty-one, is a banking casino game that is the most popular worldwide. It makes use of about 52 card decks.

This game has a simple rule, the play is thrilling, and there is an excellent opportunity for high strategy. This casino game requires enough Mathematical calculation and the ability to count cards. An Apple Pay online casino player with all the aforementioned qualities has great odds of winning the game.

Apple Pay Live Casino    

Apple Pay live casino offers users a thrilling online game experience through Live Dealers. A live casino game is done via a live-streaming video platform from a casino table. Apple Pay live casino can also be watched from brick-and-mortar casinos.

Online gamblers can place their live casino bet using their mobile phone or computer and then inform the dealer using their chat function.

Several betting sites, such as Immersive Roulette, use a special camera to create virtual reality.

Apple Pay Craps     

Playing Apple Pay craps can be very exciting if you know how to follow the rules and regulations guiding the game. Crap is an action-oriented casino-like game played with a pair of dice.

One of Apple Pay crap rules is that a player known as a “shooter” throws a pair of dice at the crap table or slot machine. Before the shooter throws the dice, the casino players must place all wagers.

Apple Pay Slots

Apple Pay slots is a modern gaming machine that uses computer technology to operate its functions. Slots machine results are determined using what is known as Random Number Generator (RNG). RNG is purely a mathematically dependent program or software that chooses a group of Numbers to determine which symbols are selected to determine a winning or losing result.

To win the  slots game, you need to master some things such as “A higher determination slots have greater payback percentages, make sure your bet is eligible for the jackpot, only select a game that fits your goals and personal playing pattern,

How To Choose The Best Apple Pay Casino?

  • Time: 5 minutes
  • Tools: PC or Mobile
  • Supply: Money

If you want to choose the best Apple Pay casino to play your game, that is cool, and there are some things to consider before choosing an online casino that accepts Apple Pay as a payment method. Below are the factors that should make up your criteria:

Security: before choosing any Apple Pay casino, thoroughly check the site's security before putting in your funds.


Oftentimes, you will hear people say, “investing in the stock market is similar to gambling at a casino” during a financial discussion. The statement is true per se, but there is little difference between the two scenarios; gambling and investing, however, involve some percentage of risk and choice too. While investments involve the risk of capital with tiny hope of future returns, gambling is short-lived in that you can lose all your equity.

At times, equity investments can last a lifetime. However, there is always a negative expected return to gamblers, measuring on average and in the long run.

Investing your equity in a stock market usually brings a positive expected return on average in the long run.

Variety Of Games

When talking about the variety of games you can play with an Apple Pay casino deposit. Even though slots are Normally the most played game, there are still a good number of games you can play.

A good example of that relationship is the pay-by-mobile bill slots, which we highly recommend. You can also play casino classics with your casino deposit, such as Roulette and Blackjack, as well as several table games.

The following are some games you can play with your Apple Pay casino deposit. Roulette, Blackjack, Casino Hold’em, Three Card Poker, Craps, Bingo

Scratch Cards, Baccarat, Keno, Video Poker, and Arcade Games.


Apple Pay casino owners are reliable and trusted, and licensed. Gambling platforms that users can deposit using Apple Pay are very rare to find, and as such, they make sure that they meet the required standards and get all the necessary licenses to operate as a game provider.

License is one of the major criteria gamblers should look out for when choosing a gaming site to ensure that the Casino gambling site is well-licensed and regulated by the proper governing body. At times, the license of each gambling platform is located down the sites, with the appropriate logo of the licensing body.


Bonuses are mouth-watering financial incentives offered by a gambling platform to their customers.

Remember that good gambling will offer you some bonus when you sign up on their website. Here are two bonuses that are mostly offered:

Free Spins: just like the name is, you are given free spins to spend on slot games with your Apple Pay; Matched deposit: Your chosen Apple Pay Casino will give you a free bonus to spend based on the amount you first deposited. Your casino Apple Pay deposit is always matched with 100%. However, terms and conditions do apply.

Terms And Conditions

The payment service is a good way to fund your account and claim bonuses offered by the top-rated online gambling platform. The payment service is among the leading Fintech in the industry and offers secure and fast transactions. By creating an account with the Fintech company, everything you need to make your payment is already built on the company’s Mobile app. Apple Pay casinos, however, like other businesses, also have their terms and conditions. Each platform clearly states these terms and conditions and mandates new users to read them before using the site. So, it is advisable to read them up to avoid confusion while using the platform.

Customer Support

Customer support services are one of the most important departments a business firm should have. Top Apple Pay online casinos have a reliable customer care service that responds to your needs 24/7. We have made enough inquiries on how responsive various casino sites’ customer support operates, and we assure you that our finding is very encouraging. Outside the customer support provided by the gambling platform, there are also FAQ sections well written and organized that also answer most casino players ‘ questions about the platform. The gambling platforms also have dedicated email address, and social media handle that you can reach out to in case you have a quick Inquiry or complaint that you want to make.

Reasons To Play An Apple Pay Casino

There are many reasons you should play at an Apple Pay Casino. Not just that those gambling platforms offer a wide variety of games to choose from, but there are also hidden benefits of playing Apple Pay casino that you might not know yet.

Some reasons I should play an Apple Pay casino are listed and explained below.

  • Huge Bonuses: those gaming platforms offer good financial incentives to both new and old casino players, so playing Apple Pay casino online will make you eligible for mouth-watering incentives.
  • Fast payout: if there is anything that Apple Pay casinos are good at, it is fast payment; the gambling platforms pay out winning after you click on withdraw.
  • Secured transaction: The casinos make sure that their users’ funds are safely kept as well as secure Apple Pay withdrawals and deposits.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Apple Pay Casinos

Apple Pay casino platforms allow users to deposit funds in their accounts using a fast and secure payment method. There are so many advantages to using this platform. The advantage of include

  1. Ease of use of the gambling site is very easy.
  2. Fast payment, they pay out winning fast.
  3. They are well-secured.

The following are the disadvantages of using the gambling platform.

  1. Not all casinos accept payment from the payment service.
  2. They store your sensitive information.

How to Make A Payment with Apple Pay

If you want to make payment with Apple Pay on any online casinos that accept Apple Pay as a payment method, follow the steps below.

  1. First, sign up with the payment service and connect your debit or credit card to it.
  2. Make sure you have an account with the gambling platform you want to fund.
  3. Scroll to the cashier section and choose “Apple Pay” as your payment method.
  4. Proceed to make the payment, your betting account will be credited, and you can use it to play games on gambling sites.

If you have issues with depositing, you can contact customer support for guidance.

Apple Pay Casino Bonuses

Apple Pay casino Bonuses are financial incentives offered by gambling platforms to their new or old customers to encourage them to stick with the company. Top online bets that accept the payment service as a payment method have several freebies or bonuses that they keep rolling out to their customers as an incentive for them to keep playing with them. At the same time, some are in appreciation of their continuous patronage. New members are also given bonuses for free spins or increments of their first Apple Pay deposit into a certain percentage.

Free spins

Free spins are part of the bonus that gambling sites offer to their customers. This bonus allows you to play slots without even staking your hard-earned money. If the game goes in your favor, you can as well win real money.

You can be eligible to access free spins through the following ways, and no deposit free spins are given to new customers who just signed up on the betting platform; the gambling platform can also offer free spins as part of a deposit bonus, where you will receive a bonus for depositing funds using the fintech payment service. Free spins are also given when a new slot is released, though this is always rare.

Welcome Bonus      

As the name implies, welcome bonuses are financial incentives offered to new customers who have just signed up on the platform. Online betting sites that accept the payment service as a payment method offer a variety of welcomes to their new customers to encourage them to hang around with them.

An Apple Pay casino welcome bonus is an incentive for new gamblers who sign up on their sites. This bonus is either a bonus for creating a new account or a deposit bonus. Several sites usually use predominantly free spins as a welcome bonus; however, some also offer free cash bonuses.

Deposit Bonuses

The deposit bonus is among the incentives gambling sites offer to their customers to encourage them to play more games with them.

A deposit bonus, just like the name implies, is a bonus that is completely tied to a deposit, which means you have to follow the bonus rules from the onset. Gambling sites always offer this type of bonus as an increment in the percentage of the amount the user deposits.

One thing with this type of bonus is that you will only be able to withdraw it if you win a large amount of money with it.

No Deposit Bonus   

Apple Pay casino no deposit bonus is just like any other bonus, but in this one, you don’t have to make any qualifying deposit; most times, no deposit bonus is offered to new members who signed on to the platform.

One of the benefits of that bonus is that it is not tied to your deposit, so you can freely play with your initial deposit as if you don’t have any allocated bonus. When you win your bet, you can cancel your bonus and withdraw your funds; if you lose, the bonus will give you a second chance to try your luck.

Reload bonuses

Reload bonuses are among the financial incentives offered by gambling companies to draw more customer patronage to their business. A reload bonus is offered by casinos to their players when they fund more money on their online casinos accounts. The reload bonus ensures that the customers who have enjoyed the welcome and no deposit bonuses keep playing. These bonuses reward players for using their online real-money gaming accounts. This reloaded bonus is important because this bonus is one of the best bonuses available; secondly, this bonus is ongoing, not a welcome bonus, just a one-time event.


Casino Business is a type of business requiring regular customers to be treated nicely while keeping an eye on attracting new users. A cashback bonus is another popular bonus that many Apple Pay gambling sites are employing to replace the traditional welcome bonus. Cashback Bonuses work straightforwardly. Like any other bonus, gamblers must meet some requirements to be eligible. This bonus is usually given against a specific amount deposited by a player in an online betting platform and against losses incurred by a player. So, in cashback, casinos offer the players a chance to receive part of the amount they deposited.

Game Specific Bonus        

As the name implies, this is a bonus for a certain game or member.

Online Casinos know how to play around with the marketing of their business firms. That is why they always choose to offer some bonus tied with some games, which means that for you to access this type of bonus, you must play the game in which the bonus is ascribed.

Sometimes these bonuses can be exclusively reserved for certain players who are members of the company’s VIP club. Game-specific bonuses are always bigger and better than all the freebies discussed above.


  • 💥 What is the best Apple Pay casino?

    To answer this question, we will point out that several online Apple Pay casinos are top-notch in the industry. However, it is now in the players’ jurisdiction to research the gambling site they want to sign up on. From our end, you can get some of the best  Apple Pay casino sites: Spinbetter, Bongo, Vavada, Bet365, TrustDice, ComeOn, AHTI Game, etc.

  • 💥 Do casinos accept Apple Pay?

    Yes, Casinos accept Apple Pay. As we stated earlier, Apple Pay is one of the reliable and secure means of payment that several betting sites have adopted as a deposit method. All you have to do to make use of this payment service to deposit on your betting account is create an account with them, link it with any means of funding, and head to the cashier section of the online gambling site that you are depositing on and select the Payment method of your choice and follow the screen prompt.

  • 💥 Are Apple Pay casinos legit?

    Yes, Apple Pay casinos are very legit and safe to use. Bear in mind that before you can be eligible to use a gambling site, you must be up to 18 years of age; anything below that, you are going against the law.

    From our end, we have checked the security of those gambling platforms and can assure you that they are very safe to use. However, you should apply wisdom while using them to avoid scammers that clone sites.

  • 💥 Are Apple Pay transfers instant?

    If there is one thing Apple Pay is known for, it is its fast and secure transactions. Transfers are almost instant and quick, though transfer speed can depend on several criteria, such as your internet connection, banking service, and how fast the casino’s cashier department reflects payment made. But on a good day, the Apple Pay casino deposit is almost made instantly.

  • 💥 Which Apple Pay games are legit?

    All the Apple Pay games are legit, and a lucky player can win real money on Apple Pay casinos. Players also have to know the risk involved in playing those games and be able to mitigate those risks very well to avoid going into financial bankruptcy.

    Losing those games doesn’t mean that they are not legit, as losses are bound to occur in gambling.

  • 💥 Can I use my Apple Card at an online casino?

    Yes, you can use your Apple Card at online betting sites, even though not several gambling sites accept Apple Pay as their payment service. Remember that you can only use Apple Pay to deposit funds into your betting account. To withdraw your winnings, you will have to use other options available on the platform. For your convenience, it is always better to withdraw your winnings directly to your bank account to avoid third-party charges.

  • 💥 Are Apple Pay casinos safe?

    Apple Pay Casinos are very safe to use in securing your funds and protecting your sensitive information. Most gambling sites have enabled 2FA security, which gives your account more complex security. In addition, they also have a team of Cybersecurity experts who periodically reviews the security state of the platform to ensure that they still meet the cybersecurity standards.

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