Ontario Gambling License

Some of you will know that Ontario licensed casinos are a new thing. They have been with us starting in 2022, and they are a huge trend right now. Before this gambling authority was present, Canadian players were able to play at offshore gambling sites. Now, this has all changed.

This gambling authority works like any other. An online casino will apply for a permit, and if they meet the requirements and obey the law, it will get it. If they not, the casino must make needed adjustments and changes in order to obtain the license.

    The perks of this method are massive. It means that players can now place bets at casinos that are regulated in their homeland. It also means that special and country-specific rules and laws are present, and the casinos must obey them. Most casinos are safe these days, but the ones that have a local permit are special. They are optimized for a specific type of gambler, and they use local laws and requirements. This makes online gambling special and

    The local authority will also control the games offered. Some games may be unavailable due to countless reasons. All of these sites must offer local support as well. In general, the gambling authority in Ontario will make sure that players get the best outcome.

    Ontario Gaming License

    Background Of Ontario Gambling Licenses

    We can add that an Ontario gambling license is a new thing. Casinos started getting this license in 2021-2022. It is so new that a lot of casinos are going to acquire the permit in the near future. The history of gambling in the country was interesting. It has been legal since 1985, and in 1989, the first brick and mortar casino was launched in Canada.

    Then we can see that gambling is controlled by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario. This is the gambling authority behind the permits these casinos can get. Trey worked on the law known as the Gaming Control Act of 1992.

    In 2021 this commission started controlling all forms of betting and gambling in the country. The goal was to regulate these businesses and make them safer for Canadian players. Keep in mind that over 75% of the population will gamble at some point; hence proper control and regulation are mandatory.

    Before this control, gambling here was legal but limited. Most players would have to bet at offshore sites. Today you can find a casino with this permit, create an account and play. The authority in question provides permits that are valid for 4 years, and the fees for that are between C$200 and C$15.000. The fees depend on numerous factors.

    Advantages Of Ontario Licensed Casinos

    Thanks to the gambling commission Ontario, players have a lot of casinos to explore and gamble at legally and enjoy them. All of these sites will offer you a lot of benefits or advantages. Here we have some of the most important and the most beneficial ones.

    • Local Regulations Are Met

    One of the main advantages is the fact that all local requirements must be met. This means that the casinos will obey the local law. It makes gambling safer and easier because now you don’t have to worry about some strange laws or issues that are irrelevant to you.

    • Offer Local Support

    Another main advantage is the fact all of these casinos will offer local support. You can have support in French and English language, and you can contact them 24/7. There is no need to wait for their working hours as you have to at offshore casinos. Ontario casinos offer dedicated support.

    • Great Local Tournaments

    The legalization made it possible for players to enjoy amazing tournaments that are specifically developed for Canadian players. These are legal, controlled, have special options, and come with C$ support.

    • Responsible Gaming Is Optimized For Players

    A huge advantage here is the fact all sites with this license have to offer specialized responsible gaming platforms and hotlines that are optimized for Canadian players.

    Disadvantages Of Ontario Licensed Casinos

    If you visit Ontario gambling website, you can find some issues. These are downsides and something we will have to reveal and explain here. Here we will explain the most common downsides players can encounter.

    • Not A Lot Of Casinos

    Sadly, not all casinos can afford and get permits instantly. This means that a lot of casinos are still waiting to get the permit which limits your ability to choose the casino where you want to gamble.

    • Small Jackpots For Progressive Games

    Most of the operators here will offer progressive jackpot games. But, the jackpots are smaller compared to casinos with other permits. This may change, and we believe it will change soon, but at the moment, it is an issue.


    The alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario controls gambling here, and they are responsible for permits and making sure that the site is safe and offers fair games. The authority is controlled by the Ministry of the Attorney General, and it is, therefore, a part of the government. This is a great thing.

    All of this means that the casinos approved will be trustworthy. They are basically controlled by the government, and they must meet the rules and laws that government has. As such, the operators are worthy of your time, and they will do nothing that can jeopardize the permit.

    All we can add is that the gaming license Ontario is appealing advantages players have these days. It makes operators more trustworthy than before and optimizes them for the local market. The next time when you see a casino with this permit, create an account and play games there without worrying about anything.


    At the moment gambling licence Ontario sites are not that common. As a matter of fact, we can see a small number of casinos that have it. This is going to change, and in the near future, we will see all major and even a lot of new operators with the proper permit.

    One of many reasons why this will happen is the fact these casinos are controlled by AGCO. It is a part of the government, so they have unlimited funds, and they obey the law. All we can add is that a lot of online casinos are looking for the permit in question, and they will hopefully get gaming license as soon as possible.

    Contact Information

    Website: https://www.agco.ca/

    E-Mail: [email protected]

    Telephone: 416-326-8700 / 1-800-522-2876

    Fax: (416) 326-5555

    Mailing Address: 90 Sheppard Avenue East, Suite 200-300, Toronto, Ontario M2N OA4, Canada


    • πŸ’₯ Are Ontario License Casinos Legit?

      Yes, these are legit websites for gamblers. They have a local license, and they are free to offer games and gambling options that are controlled by the local government.

    • πŸ’₯ Who regulates gambling in Ontario?

      It is regulated by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario. The regulation or the licenses started to be issued back in 2021-2022. We can see that the number of casinos with this permit is growing.

    • πŸ’₯ Are Ontario Licensed Casinos Safe?

      Yes, these casinos are safe. They get a license only once they are tested and approved by experts. This means that they must use proper protection and ensure player security.

    • πŸ’₯ Where is Ontario gaming Commission?

      The gambling commission is located in Toronto. It is part of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, and they control the alcohol market, cannabis, horse racing, and more.

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