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Online betting has been one of the most sought-after industries recently and continues to receive new daily signups from users. Betting online features a robust collection of games, with this game as one of the most famous. The concept may not be unique if you are familiar with playing at a conventional casino. Playing roulette online works on a simple premise, just like a traditional casino.

You bet on an expected outcome of whether a small ball will land on the wheel. This game has massive betting options, including number or color betting. Apart from making money playing, it provides enjoyable moments and improves strategic reasoning. If you want to learn more about online roulette, Gamble.Buzz will cover essential features, including its basics. This article will also discuss how to play, variations, strategies, and other aspects of playing roulette online.

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The Basics of Online Roulette

Roulette is one of the oldest casino games around. As mentioned, the game works on an elementary rule. Arguably, it requires little to no expertise before users can play.

Explanation of the rules and objective

The game has a straightforward object and rule; if a ball lands on a particular color or number. Gambling enthusiasts must place their bets before a new round commences. Before a new round starts, the croupier releases the ball to the wheel; hence, players must stake before this happens.

Overview of the wheel, table layout, and betting options

The player aims to determine the ball’s landing color or number. The wheel has a layout with arranged numbers. These numbers appear in 3 columns of 12 numbers each. The numbers are numerically arranged in red and black. Gamers face a table with 1-36 fields. The top of the table features one or double zero.

Roulette has several betting options, which means bettors are not restricted to just one or two options. However, these options are categorized into the inside bet and the outside bet. Inside bet options include:

  • Straight-up/ Single
  • Split
  • Six line
  • Corner
  • Basket

Outside bet betting options include:

  • Red or black
  • High or low
  • Even or odd
  • Dozens, and
  • Column

Types of Roulette

Roulettes are available in different types, depending on players’ choices. Gamble.Buzz will reveal three different gaming types, which are:

  1. European Roulette: This is the most common type of online roulette. It features a wheel with 37 pockets, numbered from 0 to 36. The house edge is relatively lower compared to other variants.
  2. American Roulette: Similar to European Roulette, but with an additional “00” pocket, bringing the total number of pockets to 38. The presence of the extra double zero increases the house edge, making this version less favorable for players.
  3. French Roulette: Similar to European Roulette, French Roulette often includes additional rules like “La Partage” and “En Prison.” These rules can give players some advantages when the ball lands on the zero pocket.
  4. Mini Roulette: Mini roulette is slightly different from others, with a second green zero segment and a double zero. Although it is more significant than other tables, it seems like it could be better. Gamblers often find them unsuitable, although they can choose from two zero segments. Users stand a chance of 37/1 to hit a number, unlike others with 35/1 chances.
  5. Multi-Wheel Roulette: Multi-Wheel is the most famous among roulettes, featuring 36 regular numbers and splitting into 12 columns. Its green zero is at the single’s top. This kind offers a 35/1 chance of hitting a number. Adding a green zero segment makes it 36/1 out of the 37 available numbers, giving it an edge over other types.
  6. Multi-Ball Roulette: As the name suggests, multiple balls are used in a single spin. Players can bet on the outcome of more than one ball, adding an extra layer of complexity to the game.
  7. Live Dealer Roulette: This type of online roulette offers an immersive experience by featuring a real dealer and a real roulette wheel via a live video stream. Players can interact with the dealer and other players while placing their bets.
  8. 3D Roulette: 3D graphics are used to create a more visually appealing and realistic roulette experience. The gameplay remains similar to traditional roulette variants.
  9. Double Ball Roulette: As the name implies, this variant uses two balls in a single spin, potentially leading to more betting options and excitement.
  10. Spingo: A unique combination of roulette and bingo, where colored balls are drawn instead of numbered ones. Players place bets on the colors and numbers they think will be drawn.
  11. Rapid Roulette: Designed for faster gameplay, Rapid Roulette uses an electronic betting system where players place bets on individual touch screens. The wheel is spun automatically without the need for a physical dealer to handle chips.
  12. No Zero Roulette: In this version, the wheel has no zero pockets, which eliminates the house edge. However, the absence of zero also affects the payouts and odds.

How to Play Online Roulette

The following highlights ways of playing online roulette games:

  • Visit your roulette casino games site to play free roulette online
  • Fund your account and launch the game
  • Place a bet
  • Spin the wheel
  • Find out the outcome
  • Collect the results

Explanation of inside and outside bets

What is an inside bet?

Gamers will find the inside bet in the table centre’s layout. Gamers bet on inside bets on specific numbers or numbers combined. As such, these bets are commonly associated with higher risk, with players experiencing lower winning chances. But inside bets still balances it by offering larger payouts should players win a round.

What is an outside bet?

Unlike inside bets, outside bets are wider wagers covering the whole numbers category. These types of bets have the most famous classic bets. Outside bets are the ones that offer red or black, odd or even, high or low, etc.

They are recommended for newbies who want to learn to play online roulettes because of their more comprehensive table coverage ability. Although inside bets offer a lower payout, their winning chances are very high.

Clarification of the relationship between bets and payouts

Payouts refer to the amount of money a gambler looks forward to winning or has won. It also means the monetary return to a gambler by a casino or bookmaker for a won bet. However, payouts depend on the bet odds when the gambler places the bet. A gambler can determine his potential payouts by calculating them in different ways. Once the bettor knows the possibilities of profits, accessing the risk-to-reward ratio becomes better.

Tips for placing bets and managing your bankroll effectively

Beginners who want to learn how to play must understand certain tips to help them get off quickly. Although this doesn’t guarantee winnings, it will help to manage the bankroll effectively. Below are the Gamble Buzz tips:

  • Play the Multi-Wheel kind for the best odds
  • Choose outside over inside bets
  • Try combination bets for bigger payouts
  • Learn the game first by playing free online roulette no download
  • Pay attention to the table and familiarize yourself with the rules
  • Do not focus on ‘What’s Due’ number prompts
  • Play longer by playing smaller bets
  • Focus more by taking breaks
  • Patronize a reliable operator
  • Initiate betting limit and gamble responsibly

Online Roulette Variations

Players are exposed to many advantages of playing online roulettes. One of these advantages is the exposure to many game variations available with any operator. Although there are many options, the ones popular with gamers are Multi-Wheel and Mini. The live dealer option provides gamers with a live experience like Las Vegas, regardless of location. Gamble.Buzz will discuss the variations of each below.

Online Roulettes Variations Pros Cons
Multi-Wheel The Multi-Wheel roulette games online do not feature any special variations. Anyone familiar with this game will understand that both work on the same strategy. The Multi-Wheel uses the famous red bet strategy (also known by some players as the Martingale system). In this variation, gamers pick a color, even or odd. Players stick to the rule in each game round, giving them a fifty percent winning chance. They play again if there is a win, while they double their stake for the next round upon losing the current round.  It features only a ‘0’.

 It features multiple betting options

 There is a low house advantage with Multi-Wheel over the Mini

 The house edge is higher than other table games

 Finding Multi-Wheel options can be challenging

 Almost exclusively high limits

Mini This option has a smaller wheel, just as its name implies. Gamers can expect numbers up to 12 and a single ‘0’. Gamers must stick with the game’s additional rules, apart from the general rules. The extra rule demands punters will get half their wager should the ball lands on ‘0’.  It is easy to play, even for a beginner

 It features multiple options to bet on

 They are always available

 It has a high house edge

 It is very addictive, and one gets carried away by its thrills

Live Dealer This type is particularly designed for the best online roulette casinos. Users will enjoy an authentic free roulette games experience with live dealer variations. However, this may require gamers to have specific gadgets like VR headsets. Through a real-time video link, gamers will showcase their skills against a live dealer.  It is convenient

 It takes place in real-time

 Gamers can see actions unfold live, including a replay

 It is expensive to play

 Pricey management can hike the minimum stake

Strategies for Winning at Online Roulette

Online real money roulette may need a bit of luck, but some strategies can help players make good betting decisions. These strategies are based on players’ playing styles. However, not all strategies are friendly and may cause users to bankroll more. On the other hand, some give users the chance to win prizes. However, it is vital to familiarize oneself with some of these strategies to know the one that matches one’s needs. Here are the recommended strategies by Gamble Buzz.

Discussion on the effectiveness and risk associated with each strategy

The Martingale System

This is one of the popular betting systems. It works to help users recover their losses. Martingale focuses on doubling players with each losing spin. This implies that a player’s win will help recover previous losses. Moreover, these losses come with extra small profits. Using this system requires bettors to concentrate on even money outside bets. Their best bets are colors, numbers, whether odds or even. There are 1:1 odds with numbers 1-18 and 19-36. However, Martingale isn’t risk-free.

Hitting a losing streak implies that users will be doubling their wagers quickly. Players also stand a chance of depleting their bankroll even if they are yet to recover their winnings with even-money bets. Lastly, there are probabilities of making little profit after spending more.

The Fibonacci Betting System

This betting system works as a negative progression system, increasing your stakes when you don’t win. Fibonacci works by landing higher winnings each time you lose and bet more. With the Fibonacci system, you can recover more of your losses faster. It also seeks to help you land more wins or at least break even.

But, if you are playing free roulette online with this system, be informed that things may not work as you have projected at times. Therefore, you must understand that you may also forfeit your entire bankroll to the system before you land a win. Success isn’t guaranteed, regardless of any system you employ. Whenever you win with Fibonacci, your stake increases. Whenever you lose, you drop back two places in the sequence.

The Labouchere System

The Labouchere system requires users to follow certain steps to enjoy the best of it.

  • Potential winning determination: Determine your potential winning amount, maybe $10. Ensure it is a realistic amount to avoid stretching your bankroll unnecessarily. Split the determined amount into smaller random numbers, for instance, 1,2,4,1,2.
  • Combine your numbers: Take the first and last number from the split amount using the above example, 1 & 2. Combining both figures gives $3 as your first bet.

Tips for combining strategies and adapting them to different scenarios

  • Place the bet

With your $73, you can stake on colors, odd or even numbers, at the roulette game online.

  • Combine figures again

If you win, remove the first and the last numbers from your sequence. Now you would have 2,4,1. Combine the first and last numbers again to have a $3 bet.

Avoid crossing off any numbers to add to your recent $3 bet to the far right sequence if you do not win. You are left with 2,4,1, and 3 now. Combine the numbers again, providing you with a $5 bet.

  • Repeat until you win

Keep going until you cancel the whole sequence and win your goal number. Avoid chasing losses if you are on a losing streak. Learn when it is right to go if you are losing. Keep your profits even if you win, and stop whenever you lose.

The Fibonacci system works better when betting on high/low, odd/even. The Martingale system is the best if you are betting on outside even-money bets. The Labouchere works better for Red/Black, Even/Odd, and 1-18/19-36.

Live Dealer Roulette: The Ultimate Experience

The thrills of an online roulette casino are unlimited, but the real and ultimate experience lies with live dealer variations. The Live dealer games have the same principle as the famous Multi-Wheel roulette principles. The live dealer option has 36 black and red pockets alongside a single green zone for the ‘0’. Regarding the potential for players to make financial gains, the live dealer variation has been proven reliable, more than any Mini variant.

Overview of live streaming technology and interaction with dealers

As mentioned, players shouldn’t expect anything new regarding the rules or bonuses. However, they can only anticipate enjoying a classic real-time experience of live dealer roulette with sophisticated gadgets. Live dealer sessions take place in a studio and are broadcasted online for gamers to catch up with the event. Such studios work with state-of-the-art technology for crystal-clear picture generation.

A live roulette studio features cameras set at various angles, allowing gamers to see the wheel close-up as the ball spins. Users watch a replay of action with the technology’s 200 frames-per-second slow-motion replay. The replay action takes place after the roulette decides the winning color.

There is also a replay for each bounce and little sphere’s jiggle. As such, users enjoy a thrilling scene connecting them to their screen. Replays at live dealer roulette corroborate its transparency as gamers can confirm that the games are manipulation-free. Moreover, live roulette uses a classy salon for streaming, while players enjoy a soft background sound for a relaxed ambiance. Most of these dealers feature attractive female croupiers.

Live streaming is one of the fast-paced booming technologies in the gaming sector. Videos are streamed and sent to the internet in real time. A live stream isn’t pre-recorded and saved. Dealers use streaming technology to let gamblers see live actions as they unfold at the table. However, bettors will be executing their gambling prowess via a device. This allows them to gamble on the screen by spinning a ball that decides an outcome, which could be a win or lose.

Tips for choosing reputable live dealer roulette tables

There is more to choosing a live dealer roulette table beyond security. RTP and table options are integral to selecting the best live dealer roulettes. If you are looking forward to playing any live roulette of our recommended roulette lists, consider these tips by Game Buzz:

  • Live dealer quality
  • Customer service
  • General thrills of the casino roulette
  • Roulette games library
  • Welcome and promotional offers
  • Software encryption for a better security
  • Mobile version quality

Odds, Payouts, and House Edge in Online Roulette

Players stand a chance of winning at roulette which is determined by odds. For instance, Mini roulette features 38 numbers, so there are 37-1 odds of hitting a single number betting a straight-up. Users will only receive a 35 to 1 payout on the bets they win, with the same odds for payouts on bets they combine.

Discussion on the house edge in various roulette variants

The house edge is responsible for this because it retains a percentage of everything. Players may sometimes notice odds appearing in percentage, with payouts available as a ratio to players’ bets.

A Mini roulette wheel has a house edge of double ‘0’ at 5.26%. Casino roulette online game management hopes to get about a $50,000 gain on every $1 million bet from players at the table casino. Bettors get the remaining money from the initial $1 million.

On the other hand, Multi-Wheel roulette wheels have a single zero. Both roulette wheels slash the Mini edge into half at 2.7%. Regarding the benefit, Mini roulette generates profits from punters. Comparing it to other roulettes, Mini comes low.

Comparison of payouts between Multi-Wheel and Mini roulette

Mini and Multi-Wheel payouts have varying winning chances, but both free online roulette games still pay players. Both offer 35 to 1 payouts. On the other hand, playing Multi-Wheel roulette is sometimes better as it offers more winning in the long run. Gamers can place a single bet only with the Multi-Wheel wheel because of its single green ‘0’. If you hit a bet, you get the same payout of 35/1 as the Mini. For straight bets, gamblers can expect 35:1. For outside bets covering 18 numbers, there is a 1:1 payout for winners.

A 36 / Bet – 1 = Payout. Roulette calculates its payouts using 36 numbers. Therefore, gamers would divide this number by the total pockets the bet covers and minus 1.

Playing Roulette on Mobile Devices

The introduction of smartphones has revolutionized the gaming sector and has made it easier for anyone to play. Roulette mobile gaming is a convenient way to try any roulettes, as long as you are connected to the internet. Unlike other available devices such as PCs or desktops, users are not confined to a specific location using any supported mobile devices to play a free online roulette game.

Overview of mobile-friendly online casinos and dedicated apps

Gone are the days when gamers have to hit a conventional or brick-and-mortar casino before they can play. Mobile gaming has created a big gap between gamers and traditional gaming. Playing roulette on mobile allows you to launch the game anywhere or anytime. Playing roulette on mobile is more convenient if you choose an operator with a dedicated mobile app.

You can launch the app on the go to explore different roulettes. Whether you are using an optimized app or mobile browser, mobile devices offer more convenient roulette playing. Once connected to the internet, you can visit a casino roulette online game site to play free roulette. Additionally, you can monitor the process and access your winnings with a few clicks.

Certain factors may prevent you from enjoying the best of mobile roulette gaming. If you don’t have the right tips, you may find playing mobile roulette games boring. As such, the following Game Buzz tips will help you optimize the best mobile roulette gaming experience.

Tips for optimizing your mobile roulette experience

  • Insufficient storage or Space: Free up spaces to allow mobile roulette to run perfectly on your mobile device. If you have used spaces with unnecessary files occupying them, find a way to move them to the bin.
  • Cache: Clear your device cache if you have caches occupying your mobile device space. Whether using a mobile device or an app, get rid of caches for an optimized mobile experience.
  • Internet/WiFi connection: Ensure you are connected to a reliable network. If you are playing from a mobile device browser, you need a stronger reception to avoid interruption. Therefore, your WiFi or mobile network should be more reliable.
  • Mobile device compatibility: The mobile device market is a large one that welcomes new devices regularly. Device specifications and compatibility are essential tips to enjoy the best roulette mobile gaming. Ensure you have a compatible device. Check your iOS, Android, or other device version to ensure compatibility. You may experience glitches or unresponsiveness from roulettes using incompatible mobile devices.

Responsible Gambling and Enjoying Roulette Safely

Gamble.Buzz recommends responsible gambling for everyone. Gambling online is entertaining, but the experience can sway you if you are not practicing roulette gambling safety. There are responsible gambling measures for users to curb these acts.

Importance of responsible gambling practices

  • Financial protection: Responsible gambling keeps you in check whenever your finances seem out of hand. This practice will help to protect your money and prevent further losses that may lead to financial incapacitation.
  • Emotional well-being: Responsible gambling measures will help you keep your emotional and mental wellness relating to overbetting. It will curb emotions like anxiety, worry, or derepression.

Tips for setting limits, managing time, and recognizing signs of problem gambling

If you notice irregularities in your gambling behavior, then there are necessary steps to curb it. You may avoid these acts by setting limits, time management, self-exclusion, cool-off, and more.

Practicing any of these will help you gamble responsibly. Recognizing the signs of problem gambling is a quick way to help curb irresponsible gambling. Once you notice these signs, you already suffer from problem gambling.

  • Gambling more prolonged than the usual time or gambling beyond the intended money
  • Engaging in heated arguments with relatives or friends after you gamble
  • Getting the excessive urge to return to gambling after losing money in a bid to recover your losses
  • A remorseful or guilty feeling after you gamble
  • Exchanging your assets for cash or borrowing money to fulfill your gambling cravings

Resources for seeking help if needed

You may not notice the above gambling signs or exhibit other acts not mentioned here. If you engage in any of the above, you may need resources to seek help. The National Council on Problem Gambling is one of the reliable resources to contact if you struggle to gamble responsibly.

Moreover, recent studies have found that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is highly effective for gambling disorders. This type of therapy can help change your thinking and behaviors towards gambling.


Roulette is a straightforward online casino game requiring little to no expertise before gamers can play. It allows gamers to play for free and real money. While you may want to research top online roulette casinos for real money, the ones mentioned above offer all your roulette needs. Multi-Wheel and Mini are some famous roulettes you would find on top roulette sites.

Gamble.Buzz review showed that learning how to play roulette is simple. Gamers must follow every process by visiting the casino site, funding their accounts, staking, spinning the wheel, and waiting for the result. Learning the table structure and layout for all roulette types, including inside and outside bets, is pertinent. Players have one primary goal playing roulettes; winning.

Combining strategies and tips will help them achieve their aim. Gamers must embrace responsible gambling to help them avoid gambling problems. Learn how to turn back when the odds are not in your favor. Adhering to these responsible gambling rules will help you see gambling as a game of fun. Seek help from the right channel if you cannot control the urge to bet.


  • 💥 Can I Play Roulette Online For Real Money?

    Yes! You can play online roulette for real money. However, you must have created an account with a casino and deposit before you start playing. You can use the funds in your account to place bets at an online roulette.
  • 💥 Which Is The Best Online Roulette?

    There are many online roulettes, but the best ones are the ones we have discussed in this article. Gamers can play for free and real cash at any licensed casinos listed in this guide.
  • 💥 How To Play Roulette Online For Free?

    Playing roulette for free online means you aren’t betting with real cash, so you aren’t expecting to win real cash in return. The dealer spins the wheel with a small ball inside, stopping at a winning number. You can always try a free online roulette no download, to play for free.
  • 💥 Is It Possible To Beat Online Roulette?

    The House edge on the roulette wheel is connected to single and double ‘0’. In the long run, this implies winning isn’t feasible in roulette. However, players can win in the short run. Winning is possible if a player plays for a single session, as the house edge weighs less.
  • 💥 Can I Play Roulette On My Phone For Real Money?

    Yes. You can play roulette on your mobile phone to win real money. Mobile gaming allows you to access roulette from any comfort zone. In addition to winning real cash, you may land Jackpots if lucky. Mobile gaming offers incredible to users.
  • 💥 What Is The Safest Bet In Roulette?

    Regarding house edge maximization, the smartest roulette bet is the Multi-Wheel table. It offers the en-prison principle, reducing the edge to 1.35%. Although players’ roulette preferences can be based on their game expectations, Multi-Wheel roulette is the smartest among others.
  • 💥 What Is The Riskiest Bet In Roulette?

    Although this could be narrowed to players’ needs, many sources say straight-up and 5-numbers are risky. The former involves 1-36 plus ‘0’ (the one and double ‘0’ in Mini roulette). This implies a 1 in 36 chance to forecast a winning number in Mini roulette.
  • 💥 What Is The Smartest Bet In Roulette?

    Regarding house edge maximization, the smartest roulette bet is the Multi-Wheel table. It offers the en-prison principle, reducing the edge to 1.35%. Although players’ roulette preferences can base on their expectations from the game, Multi-Wheel roulette is the smartest among others.
  • 💥 How Fair Is Online Roulette?

    Yes. Online roulettes at the best casino sites are fair. Winning numbers at these casinos are randomly generated. Consistent winnings may create a sense of insecurity in players when playing for free. All our recommendations are entirely fair.

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