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The Alderney Gambling Licence also referred to as Alderney Gambling Control Commission, is one of the top regulatory authorities responsible for certifying different casinos. Since its establishment in May 2000, the body has always ensured the gambling rules have always been up to date with changes in the gambling world. The body has two different categories of online gambling licenses, which are:

  • Category 1: This category allows the casino owner to conduct players’ activities, such as verification processes and the security of players’ funds. This category covers the customers’ management and other activities.
  • Category 2: This category covers everything that has to do with online gambling transactions and providing games between two different online casino players. Gambling companies can obtain the two types of licenses depending on their needs. This body also offers the jurisdiction a temporary license that allows them to operate their gambling activities for a short period. This license has the same right as the regular permanent license, and it is valid for 29 days or 59 days within six months, after which the authority requires you to apply for a full e gambling license within 42 days. This body is a great one among all the authorities that are responsible for licensing gambling organizations. As stated on its website, Alderney gaming license offers more than one license for e-gambling than any other authority worldwide. It is larger than the other three offshore rivals combined (Gibraltar, Malta, and the Isle of Man).

License is given to online casinos in Alderney, while Associate Certificate is given to those outside Alderney; these two types of authorization offer both parties equal rights.

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Background Of Alderney License

Alderney is a licensed company located in the northern part of the island, and it’s an unexpected area for online gambling. The island is over 3 miles and has a population of around 2,000. It was stated under the UK gambling act of 2005 that Nations not under the European Economic Area and not residing in the UK or Gibraltar are banned from promoting their gambling services in the UK.

Alderney is one of the few companies that is an exception to this rule, allowing its operators to promote their license services in the UK. This is a massive advantage because 40% of its operators work in the UK market. Alderney has taken a careful approach by prioritizing its regulation over its growth. Through this, it has seen enormous success in gambling, and the generator driven here has contributed to the economy significantly.

Although there may be changes because there is news that European Nations may follow the examples of France and Italy by enabling online gambling companies to obtain an original license to bring more taxes into their local economy, surely this will hinder the growth of Alderney and you should be prepared to see some immigration of operators. Alderney has several methods to encourage its operators to stay registered with them; this system includes becoming the first iGaming platform to have its bespoke cloud. This aims to provide practical solutions to online gambling to lessen the registration cost for new startups. This body has top-notch data storage and security measures in place. It is one of the most effective telecommunication systems in the Channel Islands.

Advantages Of Alderney License Casinos

Every online licensing authority has its advantages. First, because of the complex procedure for getting a license or certificate from Alderney, players can rest assured that these licenses are legitimate. Some of the benefits are; that this body allows players to set limits on their gambling, will enable players to issue complaints about any drawbacks, and so on. Let’s dive into the significant advantages;

  • Players Can Set Limits on Their Gambling: It’s common for gamblers that they can make up for their losses over time by playing continuously. This body allows the player to set limits to avoid overspending or making mistakes. A player can write to the lovely authority to limit the amount of cash they deposit into their account, the amount they use in betting, and so on.
  • Players Can Easily Submit Complaints Online: Any casino under this regulatory body enables players to efficiently submit complaints regarding issues between these customer services and the player. This process is easy. All you need to do is meet the complaint in writing so the licensing body will be investigated.
  • Limits on Licensee Advertising: This body also protects players by stopping operators from telling players that increasing their limits is okay. Operators are not allowed to accept funds exceeding the player’s previous limits.

Disadvantages Of Alderney License Casinos

We all know that they’re not perfect systems for online gambling. Different operators have their various drawbacks, and AGCC is no exception. Below are four disadvantages of this licensing body.

  • Players Are Subject to Taxes on Their Winnings in Their Country: This authority regulates taxes based on their country but cannot regulate those outside their country. This means that players face the challenges of paying taxes in their country regarding every win from this online gambling platform.
  • Progressive Laws May Be Difficult to Keep Up With: Another disadvantage that affects players is the nature of the laws and regulations. This only means that AGCC needs to keep up with environmental changes. They do change their rules each year. Although this will benefit the players, it takes a lot of work to keep up with them, especially for new players. Another thing that needs to be clarified for new players is the number of licenses or certificates available and the type of license or certificate available. This will determine the law that applies to that particular online gambling platform.


This licensing body can be trusted because it ensures that different licensed companies follow the rules and regulations strictly and meticulously. It does not try to attract operators to register or order it and only focuses on money. Still, instead, it focuses on fair game and responsible gaming. It ensures that its rules benefit different players at different gambling platforms. It has been in agreement with different partners all over the world. It has several memoranda of understanding across the globe, including;

  • Danish gaming authority
  • Nevada gaming board
  • And a relevant commission in Ontario, Canada.

This is to ensure security due diligence investigation and safeguarding players’ details.

Apart from the bodies mentioned above, which his authority collaborates with is fantastic to have partnership agreements with other bodies abroad but these include;

  • The Guernsey financial services commission
  • The Guernsey police
  • The Guernsey financial intelligence services
  • And the credit bureau.

It employs the London-based accountancy firm Dixon Wilson to specialize in its gambling law by working on the rules and regulations guiding registered operators. This is to prove its trustworthiness. The law officers of the crown for any legal matters also support AGCC.


Alderney is a popular place for all operators in the gaming industry, including sports Betting casino games. Over 2000 online gaming websites are registered with this authority and owned by more than 350 companies. Some of the companies that are licensed under the AGCC authority include;

  • Paddy casino
  • Bgo casino and more.

This online regulatory authority has become popular due to its trustworthy rules and low taxes; other advantages as its publicity are its;

  • Stable currency
  • Fast fiber optic connection that goes across the UK, Europe, and beyond
  • Outstanding IT support.

Due to its small size in nature, it will be challenging to be able to carry out a little tournament. Many of its employees do not reside on the island. Although this authority is essential for online gambling events with different iGaming firms, this sector is busier than any other worldwide. Despite different challenges, this licensing body has been successful amid trials and struggles due to its compliance with its rules and regulations. It has become so popular among other gambling platforms; it’s safe and secure. Its license ensures players benefit greatly through its services and encourages responsible gaming. These are some of the characteristics that make up a good license authority.

Contact Information

There are different ways you can contact this leading license operator. Some of the ways you can get through to them include;

You can also get through to them by visiting their website and filling out the form, which you can find at the bottom of the contact us page.

You will fill in the following options will are available in the form;

  • Your name
  • Postcode
  • Email address
  • Name of online gaming operators
  • Players ID/ username
  • Finally, you fill in your query or complaint if you have one.


  • 💥 Are Alderney License Casinos Legit?

    Yes, they are very legit, and it’s been used by different gaming platforms in operation over the years. It’s globally recognized and has high standards as a licensed company.

  • 💥 Are Alderney License Casinos Safe?

    Yes, it’s safe. They ensure safety and responsible gaming for their players. There are currently over 60 digital companies holding this license as a seal of authority.

  • 💥 Where is Alderney Gaming Commission?

    Bailiwick of Guernsey is the 3rd largest license company in the Channel Islands, around 8 miles from France and 60 from mainland Britain.

  • 💥 Who regulates gambling in Alderney?

    AGCC regulates gambling in Alderney, and this body was founded in May 2000. It’s independent and ensures its license rules meetup to international standards.

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