Bingo Glossary

Bingo has its own unique vocabulary that can sometimes be confusing for newcomers. To help you navigate the world of bingo with ease, here’s a glossary of common terms and phrases you may encounter:

  1. Bingo Card: A grid containing numbers arranged in rows and columns that players use to mark off called numbers during the game.
  2. Caller: The person who announces the numbers during an online bingo game.
  3. Dauber: A special pen or marker used to mark off numbers on a bingo card.
  4. Free Space: The center square of a bingo card, marked as “FREE,” which is automatically considered filled.
  5. Coverall/Blackout: A bingo game variation where players must mark off all the numbers on their card to win.
  6. Pattern: A specific shape or arrangement of marked numbers required to win in some bingo games.
  7. Four Corners: A pattern where players must mark off the four corner numbers of their bingo card to win.
  8. Hardway: Completing a bingo pattern without using the Free Space.
  9. Ones, Tens, Twenties, etc.: Nicknames for specific numbers based on their tens place (e.g., “One” for 1, “Twenty” for 20).
  10. Speed Bingo: A fast-paced bingo game with quick number calls.
  11. Wrap-up: The final game of a bingo session, usually played for higher stakes.
  12. Early Bird: A bingo game that starts before the main session.
  13. Jackpot: A large cash prize awarded for achieving a specific winning pattern within a predetermined number of calls.
  14. Progressive Jackpot: A jackpot that increases in value until it is won.
  15. RNG (Random Number Generator): A computer program that randomly selects the numbers in online bingo games.
  16. Buy-in: The cost of a bingo card or entry fee to participate in a bingo game.
  17. Flimsies: Bingo cards printed on thin paper.
  18. Admission Packet: A set of bingo cards for the entire session, including specials and jackpot games.
  19. Wrap Around: A pattern that extends from the left edge to the right edge of the bingo card.
  20. Wild Number: A number announced before the game starts that is automatically marked on all players’ cards.
  21. Validation: The process of verifying a winning card to claim a prize.
  22. Session: A series of bingo games played at a specific time and location.
  23. Consolation Prize: A smaller prize given to players who come close to winning but don’t quite achieve the winning pattern.

With this bingo glossary, you’ll be better equipped to enjoy the game and participate in bingo sessions confidently.

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