Bingo Number Calls

In bingo, the numbers are called out by the bingo caller to inform players of the drawn numbers. The caller’s role is crucial in maintaining the pace and excitement of the game.


Here is a list of common bingo number calls that you may hear during a bingo game:

  1. B1: Pronounced as “Bee One.”
  2. I16: Pronounced as “Eye Sixteen.”
  3. N33: Pronounced as “En Thirty-Three.”
  4. G50: Pronounced as “Gee Fifty.”
  5. O72: Pronounced as “Oh Seventy-Two.”
  6. Bingo!: Called out when a player achieves the required pattern and shouts “Bingo!” to claim the win.
  7. Two Little Ducks: Called for the number 22, resembling the shape of two ducks.
  8. Legs Eleven: Called for the number 11, as it resembles the number “11” standing upright.
  9. Kelly’s Eye: Called for the number 1, representing the one-eyed appearance of Ned Kelly, an Australian historical figure.
  10. Top of the Shop: Called for the number 90, the highest number in traditional bingo.
  11. Key to the Door: Called for the number 21, signifying the age at which someone becomes an adult.
  12. Knock at the Door: Called for the number 4, as it rhymes with “Knock at the door.”
  13. Sweet Sixteen: Called for the number 16, celebrating the age of 16.
  14. Halfway There: Called for the number 45, indicating the halfway point of the possible numbers in bingo.
  15. Dirty Gertie: Called for the number 30.
  16. Clickety-Click: Called for the number 66, the rhyme suggests the number’s sound.
  17. Heaven’s Gate: Called for the number 78, referring to the shape of the number resembling the gates of heaven.
  18. Two and Eight: Called for the number 28.
  19. Winnie the Pooh: Called for the number 42, referencing the famous bear from children’s literature.
  20. Three Score and Ten: Called for the number 70, symbolizing 3 sets of 20.

Remember, these number calls add a fun and unique touch to the bingo experience. Enjoy the game and listen closely for the exciting calls that might lead you to victory!

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