Play Online Sic Bo for Real Money or Free

Sic Bo is one of the most popular Asian casino games derived from ancient China. It is a dice game that has brought in one more thrilling fun and a high chance of winning big. It started gaining popularity in Europe and America in the 19th century and speedily penetrated the online gambling world.

Today, Sic Bo is available in the top online casinos to play for free and for real money whenever you want. It is a straightforward game, yet it is essential to know successful strategies to become a constant winner. With this in mind, we provide a comprehensive guide on how to play Sic Bo online successfully in this Gamble Buzz review. You will also find out what online Sic Bo casinos are the best to select and what strategies lead you to wins. So let’s get started!

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How to Play Online Sic Bo

Basic Rules and Gameplay

The game rules are simple to understand. It looks much like the roulette game. It consists of the following key elements:

  • A betting layout where you put the chips on the predicted outcomes;
  • Three dice you must shake after you place your bet.

But playing it online, you can’t physically shake the dice. You trigger the software to roll them instead.

The betting layout contains concise information on bet types and potential payouts. You can place two simplest bet types in Sic Bo: Small and Big bets. Small bet involves wagering on numbers 4 to 10; Big bet – 11 to 17.

Craps Rules

The general mechanic of the game online is the following:

  • Deposit your balance (when you play with real money);
  • Place your bet on a certain odd on the betting table;
  • Click the button “Roll” for software to show the random result;
  • Check the dice result and your bets. If a number or sum of numbers on the dice coincides with your bet, you win. If not, you lose.

Placing Bets and Odds

Sic Bo is a game of luck. That’s why the crucial part of such a game is to predict and bet on the winning outcome. You can place various bets in the game, but you should also know what the odds and payouts are. Below, we outlined the most popular bets used in the game, along with their potential payouts and odds. Check them out.

Bet Type Bet Rules Payouts Odds
Small Bets Total combination of 4 to 10 wins 1:1 48.61%
Big Bets Total combination of 11 to 17 wins 1:1 48.61%
Single Number Bets A number frequency from 1 to 6 that will appear as a part of a combination 1:1 for one match;

2:1 for two matches;

3:1 for three matches




Two Dice Combo Bets Two different numbers that will be included in the combination 5:1 16.67%
Total Bets Total number of three dice 6:1 to 50:1 14.29% to 1.96%
Specific Double The specific combination of two similar numbers 8:1 11.11%
Specific Triple The specific combination of three similar numbers 150:1 0.66%
Any Triple The triple combination that comes 24:1 4$

Sic Bo is an easy game every new player can start with. The great thing is that the game table includes all rules and payouts for betting on a specific combo or a single one. The numbers you deal with in the game are placed in the center of the table.

The main Small and Big bets are located in the upper corners of the interface. Between them, you can see the rules for predicting other bets like Specific Doubles and Triples. Double and Single bets are presented in the lower part of the betting layout. So, if you are a beginner, you have everything you need to know about playing Sic Bo online right in front of you. Follow the rules, place a bet on a combo you think is the winning one, and good luck! Craps Interface

Deposits and Withdrawals

The game is available to play for free in many trusted Sic Bo online casinos. This is an excellent opportunity for beginners to practice and implement different strategies. Once ready to dive into Sic Bo for real cash, you must deposit funds to place bets.

Our Gamble.Buzz team explored the payment methods accepted by reliable gambling sites. They are the following:

  • Credit/ Debit cards (Visa, Mastercard);
  • Bank Transfer (depending on your location);
  • Digital Wallets (PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, MuchBetter, GPay, App Pay);
  • Crypto-wallets (Bitcoin. Litecoin, Ethereum, Tether, Dodgecoin, Coinspaid).

They are also used to withdraw your winnings. Regarding transaction time, remember that deposits are much faster than withdrawals. But security and safety are the most crucial criteria in playing games for real money. Make sure you select a trusted and safe casino online that supports secure payment options.

Strategies for Success in Online Sic Bo

Understanding Sic Bo Odds

When dealing with online casinos, you will come across a term like a house edge. It stands for casino advantage integrated into every online game introduced on a platform. The house edge allows you to understand two important things in a specific game:

  • An average payout of a game;
  • The RTP (return-to-player) rate.

Sic Bo is not an exception. Once you get familiar with the house edge of the game, you will be aware of what odds to expect when using a particular betting option. But there is one tricky thing about the house edge. The lower it is, the higher your chances to win.

The game’s RTP can vary from 89.12% to 97.22%. The higher the indicator is, the more payouts you receive. You can hit different return rates for the game for two reasons:

  • It might depend on the software provider who offers Sic Bo versions;
  • The game variations have different RTPs.

We recommend you pay attention to these indicators to be successful in your gambling.

Basic Betting Strategies

If you are new to Sic Bo, the best betting strategy is to start with simple bets. This will help you reduce the high risk of losing money. Our Gamble.Buzz experts recommend starting with:

  • Small and Big bets;
  • Odd and Even bets;
  • Single Dice Bet.

Small bet involves wagering on small numbers, 4-10, while big bets on big numbers, 11-17. The payout for both strategies is even, 1:1. If the dice total comes with numbers 4-10, you win your small bet but lose your big one. When having 11-17 in dice total, you lose your small bet but win your big one.

Another basic strategy includes placing simple bets on Odd and Even numbers between 4 and 17 (and including). If you wager on an odd number and the dice total results in odd, you win. If the dice total is even, you lose it. A similar condition works for an even bet. If the dice total is even, you win. If it is odd, you lose.

Notice that there are no 3 and 18 numbers on the betting board.

Single Dice betting strategy is the most popular among new players as it reveals more chances to win every bet. According to this approach, you predict only one number (from 1 to 6) in the dice. The payout can be different and depends on the number frequency in the dice. If you predict one number in three dice, you get paid 1:1; if your number appears twice, your payout is 2:1. If three dice result in your number, you are paid at a 3:1 rate.

Advanced Betting Strategies

Advanced betting strategies are brilliant options for experienced players. They incorporate betting on various combinations like Total, Double, and Triple. Each betting option provides a higher risk but good payouts. Our Gamble.Buzz specialists explored this matter as well.

The Total bet might bring an enticing payout up to 50:1. You must predict the total of three dice of 4 or 17. For the rolled dice result in any of these two numbers, you win. Otherwise, you lose. Depending on the Sic Bo winning numbers chosen, the payout rate differs. Look at the table below.

Total Winning Bet Payout
4 or 17 50:1
5 or 16 18:1
6 or 15 14:1
7 or 14 12:1
9, 10, 11, or 12 6:1

Keep in mind that this option fully depends on your luck. If you can afford a solid bankroll, try this sic bo strategy. If not, it is better to stick to a simple betting strategy.

When using the Double bet, you must foresee at least two similar numbers to appear, for example, 4-4, 5-5, etc. When your bet wins, an online casino pays you 8:1. There is another betting option, including wagering on two numbers, Two Dice Combo. According to this strategy, you predict an outcome with two different numbers, for example, 2-6. If the dice result contains these numbers, you will receive a payout of 5:1.

Another popular betting strategy for advanced players involves triple bet with three similar numbers. It looks like this: 4-4-4, 7-7-7, 9-9-9, etc. If you guess the triple combo, you win at the rate of 24:1. There is also a specific triple combo that can pay out 150:1, for example, 2-2-2. You must guess it in order to take the high winning. But the odds of this betting strategy are worse. You must be a lucky person to hit it.

Bankroll Management

Sic Bo is an engaging game, yet it might be addictive. That’s why you should treat your gaming responsibly and set some limits on your time, bankroll, and betting manners. When sticking to particular rules, you will become more successful as you try to act wisely and considerably. Here are a few significant Sic Bo tips to consider while playing Sic Bo online:

  • Set time for gambling

Remember that you have other responsibilities and duties to do during the day. Set a timeframe for playing the game that won’t distract you from other important things.

  • Follow small and simple sic bo bets

If you don’t feel confident about the game yet, don’t bet big. Start with simple and low bets. Thus, you will avoid high risks.

  • Allocate your budget

Like the time, you must take your bankroll into control. Think over how much money you can allocate for playing the game online. Set particular limits for a day, week, or month.

Advantages of Playing Sic Bo Online

Due to constantly growing cutting-edge technology, many online casinos have popped up, offering an authentic gaming experience. The best sites have a rich game selection, including Sic Bo and its variations. They are all noteworthy. If you doubt playing SicBo online yet, don’t hurry up with your final decision. Take a few minutes to go through the advantages we listed below.


There is no need to go anywhere to play Sic Bo online. It is enough to choose a reliable and safe online casino to play games from the comfort of your home. There is no limit on working hours like it is common for a land-based casino avenue. You can play the game whenever you want on a selected gambling site.


Today, it is not a problem at all to access games online. You can do it on your desktop computer or mobile device. Basically, all authorized bookmakers have mobile-friendly websites. Most of them also provide dedicated apps for Android and iOS users. Thus, you can access the game from any gadget you have.

Game Variety

The best gambling platforms offer different versions and variations of the Sic Bo dice game. This increases the user’s engagement and interest in testing other options and finding the best fit. The most popular game variations are:

  • Super Sic Bo;
  • Grand Hazard;
  • Classic Sic Bo;
  • Sic Bo Macau, etc.

In addition, you can try the game for free before investing money in it. This is also a part of a strategy to improve your gaming skills at Sic Bo.

Real-time Gaming Option

Sic Bo is a table game; you can also find it in a live game section. This gaming experience has exceeded all expectations. You experience real-time gaming with a live dealer by staying on your sofa or traveling around the world. Moreover, you can interact with other players, which creates a competitive atmosphere and makes it more thrilling.

Wide Betting Choice

The great thing about Sic Bo is that several betting options are at your disposal. You can try each of them to come up with the one that will work for you. Each betting strategy contains certain rules, payouts, and odds you must know before starting it. Unlike other table games, Sic Bo discovers many options to win and enhance your skills.

Top Online Casinos for Sic Bo

In order to provide the best Sic Bo sites, our Gamble Buzz team of experts explored the market. We checked every Sic Bo online casino for security protocols and licenses. Also, we analyzed the general user experience and the benefits they bring to a user. According to our results, we could determine the top online casinos where you can succeed in Sic Bo online. Pick one you like most, and good luck.

22Bet Casino

22Bet Sic Bo

22Bet Casino represents an elegant international betting platform with exclusive features. It has a wide variety of table games, including Sic Bo. By joining the casino, you can leverage its welcome bonus of up to C$450 for the first ridiculous deposit of C$2.

The operator offers a genius gaming experience thanks to the leading game providers powering its casino lobby. You can play live Sic Bo variations introduced by Pragmatic Play and SA Gaming. 22Bet Casino supports about 150 payment options to make all your transactions quick and safe.

Bizzo Casino

Bizzo Sic Bo Despite its relatively young experience, Bizzo Casino discloses excellent opportunities to bet and play. Sic Bo takes a special place in it. You can try different versions developed by Belatra, MPlay, One Touch, Evolution, Ezugi, etc., for free or for real cash.

Bizzo Casino offers a good start to new players. You can benefit from a welcome first deposit bonus or its welcome pack. You will receive a 100% sign-up bonus of up to C$250 and 100 free spins. You can enjoy your gameplay via its dedicated casino app.

Wazamba Casino

Wazamba Sic Bo Wazamba is a betting and gaming company bringing up an authentic experience to the gambling world. It has a vivid platform with exciting features. You can join the platform by claiming its welcome offer of up to C$750 and 200 free spins. Crypto lovers have an exclusive welcome bonus for depositing with cryptocurrency.

Sic Bo is available in different versions: demo, for real money, virtual, and live. To deposit and withdraw the winnings, Wazamba offers a large range of verified payment options.

Live Dealer Sic Bo

Live dealer Sic Bo games can’t compare to virtual ones. It unleashes various advantages that allow a player to feel the sic bo game in real time. They are:

  • Immersive experience;
  • Interaction with live dealers;
  • Convenience;
  • Variety of Live Sic Bo;
  • Mobile accessible.

When choosing to play it live, you should go to the Live section on an online casino. There, you will find a free live Sic Bo table with a live dealer waiting for you. There is no need to go out and look at the closest land-based casino.

Every trusted Sic Bo online casino offers this game in live mode. The same immersive experience you can receive on your mobile phone or other portable device. So you can access it online from home or another place you are in. The only requirement is to have a smooth Internet connection.

Before diving into the game, remember to top up your casino balance. Live games are always for real money. If you are to play Sic Bo for the first time, we recommend using its virtual format to learn and build your own strategies. You can try different variations and come up with the best fit. Once you are ready to play for real money, live Sic Bo is the best option to choose.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Although Sic Bo enables players to use various betting strategies, they often manage them incorrectly. You should never underestimate the rules and special conditions of the game if such exist. Our Gamble Buzz team studied the main pains of Sic Bo players and the errors they committed. So, we could formulate the most advisable points to avoid common mistakes in playing the game. Look at them below.

  • Never play without familiarizing yourself with the rules and conditions.

Study all rules and existing strategies. Use them in practice to understand them better.

  • Never play for real money at once.

Make use of the Sic Bo free version at the beginning of your engagement. It is the first step to a successful betting. You can always train your skills on it.

  • Never accent on triple bets only.

Learn the payouts of every betting option. Pay attention to the house edge and make a wise choice of bets. Triple bets are highly risky, though their payout attracts.

  • Never choose an online casino without checking it.

Your gambling must be responsible and safe. Ensure an online casino you select is licensed, regulated, and supports secure payment options.

We believe by following these pieces of advice, you will reach success in Sic Bo.


Wrapping up our Gamble.Buzz review on Sic Bo, knowledge and practice are keys to successful gambling. We uncovered the basic and advanced rules of the game for you to try and opt for the best option. Looking for a reliable online casino is often challenging, but we did it for you. You can find a list of safe gambling sites to play different game variations. Bear in mind to meet our recommendations in order to avoid common mistakes and turn your gaming way into success. So go ahead, pick an online casino, implement various strategies, and luck will have it!


  • 💥 Is Online Sic Bo A Game Of Skill Or Luck?

    Sic Bo online is a game of luck. When you click “Roll” in the game, the software triggers the Random Number Generator. You can’t predict the numbers falling in the dice.
  • 💥 What Are The Best Bets To Place In Online Sic Bo?

    The best bets are those that have a low house edge and reveal low-risk gaming. These are simple bets like Small and Big bets, Single Dice Bet and Combo bets. The latter uncovers a low house edge and good payouts.
  • 💥 Can I Play Online Sic Bo For Free Before Betting Real Money?

    Sure! Most reliable online Sic Bo casinos offer this game in a free demo mode. This is one of the winning concepts to try for free before betting real money.
  • 💥 Are There Any Specific Strategies That Guarantee Consistent Wins In Online Sic Bo?

    Betting on small and Big bets is considered the best strategy that ensures consistent wins in Online SicBo. These bets have good statistical chances of landing, as well as they have a low house edge.
  • 💥 How Does The Payout System Work In Online Sic Bo?

    Online Sic Bo has a wide payout system. It depends on the betting strategy as well as the value of the predicted outcome. You can find detailed information about the payout system in this Gamble.Buzz review.
  • 💥 What Is The House Edge In Online Sic Bo?

    The house edge shows the advantage a player can take from the game. The lower it is, the more payouts they get. The best house edge is in Small/Big bets – 2.78%, and Single Number bets – 7.90%.
  • 💥 Are There Any Specific Online Sic Bo Bonuses Offered By Online Casinos?

    There might not be any specific Sic Bo bonuses. Yet there are welcome bonuses you can benefit from to start playing the game. Each reputable gambling site attracts new players with generous welcome bonuses you can claim for Sic Bo.
  • 💥 Is Online Sic Bo Available On Mobile Devices?

    Yes. The best Sic Bo providers, like Playtech, BGaming, Habanero, and 1x2Gaming, developed it as desktop- and mobile-friendly. Considering the latter, you can access the game via a mobile browser or downloaded app.
  • 💥 What Is The Difference Between Online Sic Bo And Traditional Sic Bo?

    The first and foremost difference lies in its accessibility. Online Sic Bo is available virtually 24/7 on various gambling sites. In contrast, the traditional one is found only in brick-and-mortar casinos at its working hours.
  • 💥 How Do I Know If An Online Casino Is Reputable And Safe For Playing Online Sic Bo?

    To determine whether an online casino is reputable and safe, you must explore it for licenses and security measures. But we already simplified your search and introduced some trusted online casinos in this review. Pick one and have fun.

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